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Wesaam - The Shadow Dragon Slayer

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Wesaam - The Shadow Dragon Slayer

Post by Wesaam on August 30th 2014, 4:18 am

Basic Information

Name: Wesaam

Nickname(s): Wes
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Rank: S-Class
Guild: Shattered Sanctity

"Creating a guild won't make it of any interest to me." - To Itazuki Hara at the time he created the guild.



Wesaam's appearance developed through the time, currently, he is a person that has a tall, slim, well-proportioned figure, his figure clearly resembles someone at his early twenties, his hair color is charcoal black and his hair is usually what’s called a messy black hair, neither too short nor too tall. Although, his hair is long enough that it reaches somewhere close to his shoulder, and usually, strings of his black hair could always be seen down to the top of his head and face, obscuring a part of his forehead. His pupils are black, which also has a slit similar to that of a snake in them. His look can be terrifying for some people at times. He also has sharp canine teeth which looks like fangs.

His outfits are pretty much random, in the few times he was seen around, he was seen with a set that is fully from the color black, and once he was seen wearing a long, black cape, that reached down to his feet. Not much is known around about his appearance further than that since he isn’t a person that is always around in the town all the time. Although in the times he's been seen it has been noticeable that he mostly wears dark looking clothes.

Wesaam always looks quite serious whatever the situation might be, either that or he would be completely expressionless, that's only how he's been seen by the people around him till now, he never even once smiled in public or in front of anyone. Even though this might not apply to every person, but the serious look on his face is what prevents some of the people from speaking to him or even having any eye contact. On top of that, his looks always implies that he does not care for most of the things going on around.


Wesaam's personality was partially inherited from his foster father since that was the type of environment the dragon raised him up in. Although the difference is that when his Dragon is around, he actually spoke to his foster father quite a lot even though he was treated harshly most of the time. But after an incident, and the Dragon's disappearance, he stopped really talking as much as he used to. The serious look on his face was definitely inherited from his foster father. Wesaam always has either an expressionless face or a serious expression, he has never been seen with a different side till now.

His harsh way of speaking and not caring about most of the things were another traits he got from being raised by his foster father, that's how he was taught to do things anyway. And he does not seem to bear any interest in most of the situations. Although that gives some people a wrong impression about him, he is not that bad of a person yet deep inside, the way he acts is just because of how he was raised and he cannot do anything about that.

At one point he met a person that he thought to be a nuisance, since he was of the cheerful type until he told him that he was a Dragon Slayer too, which made him give him a chance to see how people raised by different dragons can be. He did not really speak to that person that much but as the time passed, the fact that he saw that person as a nuisance did not change but he found him different from the rest of the people, which made Wesaam trust a person, even though Wesaam always mentioned that that person's kindness will be the cause of his death. That person's name was Itazuki Hara.

After a short while Itazuki formed a guild and named it as Shattered Sanctity. Wesaam was against the idea of joining a guild but he noticed that he can take missions and jobs and do them more efficiently, which lead him to join the guild, and later he suddenly was named as the strongest mage in that guild. Though, Wesaam made it clear that he does not intend to take any interest in the guild just yet, hence why he told Itazuki that him making the guild won't really be of any interest.

Although more people started joining the guild, Wesaam gave no attention to that, he made it clear in front of everyone about the way he deals with things, and he doesn't intend to directly show anything to them whether it is related to his magic or whether it is about his past life. Most of the times he just goes into the guild, grabs a mission and leaves.

Magic Abilities

Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic, the only magic that Wesaam is specialized in, his main ability as a Dragon Slayer. He managed to master all, or most the abilities that a Shadow Dragon Slayer could use. Even though the only people that saw him using it are low in numbers, he is an expert at his magic.
Its a type of Magic which allows the user to transform their physiology into that of a Shadow Dragon, turning their body into a shadow that cannot be touched by normal means. With this Magic, the user is also able to fade themselves into shadows to move swiftly, dodging efficiently and making surprise attacks.

Another Magic: Not Revealed yet. No one has seen him using any other type of Magic, or any other form of his own magic.


A Dragon?

Wesaam's history at the time he was raised up is a complete mystery, almost no one knows anything of it, and the people who actually knows only has the knowledge that he was raised by a dragon.


Wesaam's personality was inherited from his foster father, he was always harsh, didn't care about pretty much anything, but at one point he met a person which also was a Dragon Slayer just like him, and on top of that he was different from most of the people around, he was called Itazuki Hara.

Before Wesaam knew it that person kept sticking around trying to change the mood. At first, Wesaam didn't bother to speak to him since he thought of him as a nuisance, but some time passed he began speaking a little.

One of the things that Wesaam mentioned to Itazuki is that Itazuki's personality and the way of doing things will be the cause of his death. He said that because the way Itazuki used to deal with things was noticeably different than how a normal person would.

Shattered Sanctity

A bit of time passed, Itazuki came with another idea, seeing that there are many Mage Guilds around, he decided to form a Guild and lead it, the first person he invited was Wesaam, Wesaam either way had no interest in anything, whether it was in a Guild or not, but he joined the Guild, mainly because he will be allowed to take harder missions and do them, and so that Itazuki stops bugging him about it, The Guild was named as Shattered Sanctity.

To be continued...

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