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Hito Moeru

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Hito Moeru

Post by Hito Moeru on January 30th 2016, 4:14 am

Basic Information

Full Name: Hito Moeru

Nickname(s): None yet
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 05/17
Rank: D-rank


Hito is a rather frail looking boy compared to other Mages that go to join a Guild. His bright blonde hair and shimmering blue eyes help his over all adorably look. He is normally seen wearing something equally as cute. Either a big comfy coat and scarf or the trendiest shirts and jeans, this young mage is always one step ahead when it comes to cuteness. The boy is only 5'5" and his frame is tiny. Overall it looks as if a strong wind could take this kid soaring.


This young boy is rather hateful, despite his cute peronality. Having few friends he has trouble socializing with people his age (14) despite those who are older than him. He generally has a dislike for people and tends to go out of his way to prove such feelings towards others. Not afraid to speak his mind, this little trouble maker is often scolded for what he says more than what he does.

Skills and Abilities

Celestial Magic:

  • Ursa Minor - A silver key which summons a small bear to the aid of the young boy, less offensively and more emotionally/socially. Ursa Minor is few more intellectual than his counterpart, Ursa Major.

  • Ursa Major - A silver key which summons a large bear which fights alongside the young boy. Though Ursa Major isn't as bright as her counterpart Ursa Minor she has a fighting force that never stops.


Coming from a family of mages, Hito was able to learn a lot about the different types of magic at a young age. Though he tried many styles of magic the only thing that came natural to him was that of Celestial Magic, something he picked up from his mother. This young boy is now out on his own after inheritng two keys from his mom. He is ready to start his own work and become a full fledge mage!

Hito Moeru

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Re: Hito Moeru

Post by Itazuki on January 30th 2016, 3:56 pm

Itazuki wrote:Good bio and simple. This will now be locked to keep things in check regarding your character. If you need to post an update, follow the template given in the character update request and post your update there.


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