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Role-Playing Missions

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Role-Playing Missions

Post by Wesaam on January 21st 2016, 10:32 pm

From this point on, the missions will specify the location of the place where whatever the task is should be taking place. And you will have to RP travelling from whatever guild you took the mission from to the location of the job. Travelling by train is the fastest way you could reach the nearby towns, whenever you are taking a mission you have to RP stopping at a train station. You will have to make a post in the Train Station forum and specify the location you are travelling to if you have a mission in a nearby town. Also, you have to make the Mission topics and RP them in the section of the town you travelled to.

Here is an example, Shattered Sanctity currently is located in the middle of Crocus, after taking a mission from your guild, if a mission details mentions that the location of where the task will be done is in Crocus, then you just have to make a thread in the 'Capital Crocus' section and start your mission, and obviously you should RP that you moved to the location specified on that thread. But if the Guild you're in is in another town, then you will have to RP travelling to Crocus before making the thread.

Here is another example about the missions that are done in other towns, following the same procedure, you will have to RP taking a mission from the guild, let's say the place where the mission should be done in is in Duran Town, if that's the case then you have to make a thread in the train station section and RP travelling to the town you're headed to, which in this case is Duran Town. After doing that, you can make a thread in that town's section and start your mission normally.

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