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Kogara Hano (finished)

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Kogara Hano (finished)

Post by Kogara on January 5th 2016, 12:13 am

Basic Information

Full Name: Kogara Hano
Nickname(s): None
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Rank: D


While Kogara has quite a few noticeable features, generally the first to catch the eye is her long azure locks. A pale blue, her hair falls well past her waist, even when it is pulled back: which is typically is, though the style depends on the day and her mood. Her locks frame her face with the cut of her bangs, contrasting against her crimson eyes.

Quickly after the hair, the eye's second destination is the woman's well endowed curves-- showing off her matured feminine figure. The hourglass slope of her bust and hips is rarely disappointing-- at least she's been told by suitors. It is apparent that Kogara knows the strength of having such a defined figure, as her clothes accent her body type perfectly.

Typically she wears black-- a stark contrast to her pale, milky skin. Though the style varies on the occasion, it is almost always cinched at her small waist, and fitted snugly at her bust, and hips showing just enough to allow the imagination wander in a well-hinted direction. She normally finishes off her ensembles with a pair of boots-- worn for their versatility... functional for walking and traveling, stylish, as well as add about an inch of height, making her slightly more intimidating (as she is not overly tall.)


Kogara grew up in a rather harsh community, one designed to iron out weaknesses. Living as a young child in the canyon of desolation, it has been hammered into the woman's skull that her life-- as with all things weak-- is meaningless, unless she proves she has the strength to disprove that belief. As such, the woman has strong roots situated in the belief of survival of the fittest. She doesn't believe in giving or receiving handouts.
Similarly, she feels that associating with those who appear weak, would make herself look weak as well-- and thus the weak should be disposed of. This being said, the woman has an innate fear of being perceived as weak and disposable. This causes her to react to opposition in cruel, sadistic ways: if she is feared, she cannot be weak.
However, like most, Kogara is not a single-faceted being. She understands that strength does not mean solitude, and that one cannot obtain relationships with others without some sort of redeeming qualities. The dark sadistic nature of the woman is the external personality that is viewed by the general world, but is not necessarily the personality that those close to her would know.
The woman could be coined "loyal to a fault." Indeed, once she has determined that she likes someone, there is little that can turn her away. In this sort of relationship, she is able to resonate as caring, compassionate. She can be aggressive in defending these people's honor, as well as quick to comfort them and offer words to strengthen them during rough times.
Outwardly, Kogara is one to speak harshly, she's no stranger to sarcasm and mocking-- which constitutes most of her communication with those she's not well-associated with. This behavior often overlaps with those close to her, but the harsh tone is often subtly different-- one of playful teasing rather than ill-intentions.
Usually brutally honest, Kogara is known to call people out when their plans don't make sense, rather than to blindly follow them. It is rare to see the woman bite her tongue in any given situation. With this said she will raise her opinions candidly, unless she feels the desire to impress the person (which is rare and far between) in which she will try to raise a question more tactfully.
Despite her connotative "off-putting" personality, Kogara is well-endowed with social competency. She knows how to observe people, and understands the subtleties of body language. This is because as a person, she is very detail oriented. She catches minor details that the majority of the people may overlook. In more intimate settings (with individuals that she may feel a close allegiance with) she may become frustrated that they do not pick up on the same details that she is capable of identifying.

Skills and Abilities

Magic: Gravity Change

Description: The caster is able to manipulate the gravity around a person through concentrating. This manipulation can be accomplished in two ways: increasing the gravity, or decreasing the gravity around the target. Increasing the gravity makes the target feel heavier. This can be a bonus when it comes to force, as the heaviness of the person would lead to greater force in which the blow is connected, thus causing extra damage. Increased weight can also be a disadvantage when the spells are at higher levels, in a sense that the increased gravity can cause the target to have slowed speed or even extreme difficulty in movement. Decreasing the gravity would have an inverse relationship to force and speed of increased gravity.

Advantages: Of course, some of the biggest advantages to gravity change magic is the ability to manipulate the gravity among both foes and allies. It can be used to help oneself/allies deal more damage or get away faster-- even walk on walls, or cause foes to exhibit opposite effects. When applying gravity magic to herself, Kogara uses the gravity to implement techniques with a blunted sword (or any other object that might be on hand) to deal damage, which is convenient for her.

Disadvantages: Unlike a creation magic, gravity change is limited in it's uses. It does not hold any ability to cast purely offensive and defensive spells: Kogara cannot create a sword to attack or a shield to block her from an opposing wizard's onslaught. It is non-elemental so it holds no elemental advantage to other magics. The spells are also limited in range, which means that they hold no effect on people/wizards out of her spell's range. Because gravity change is a concentration based magic, if the user becomes too overwhelmed or distracted, the spells become suspended. Unlike pure gravity magic, Kogara cannot change the gravity of all objects, only the gravity around a person.

Water magic: Water Barrier

Description: Either with conscious thought or without, the user creates a barrier of water that surrounds their body, protecting them from incoming attacks, even highly destructive explosions.

Advantages: Probably the biggest advantage of this barrier would be it's toughness, and along side Kogara's gravity change it would make a lot of trouble for her oponent, because she would be protected from attacks and at the same time she would be able to change the gravity of a person according to the situation.

Dissadvantages: At early stages the water barrier is not very strong against more powerful blows. Also it limits Kogara's movement to the minimum, meaning that she is not able to walk around while the barrier is active.


It was cold, dark day in January when Kogara Hano was born in the Canyon of Desolation. She was the second child of Kaye and Oisin Hano. Her brother, Sian, was two years of age when Kogara was born. As Desolation Canyon's name describes, the environment was harsh and desolate. While few would dare to even traverse into the canyon, hidden deep within it is a rather small population of elite warriors. In such an imposing landscape, this group of people train tirelessly to prove their status and their abilities and survive. It is quickly noted that the weak fail to exist here, as they are easily taken out from the environment, if not by each other.

Few children lived in the Canyon of Desolation, not more than a handful or two, but those that did started training as soon as humanly possible. They were to observe hunts and were put into mock battles: ones that tested not only one's strength, but their stamina and mental prowess. Kogara's brother, Sian excelled in physical aptitude: the boy was strong and energetic: took quickly to the physical arts-- particularly those that involved his fists. However, the boy was not sharp: and was easily manipulated-- often bested by the trickster-- a boy of the name of Akuma.

Kogara was not nearly as gifted physically as her older brother. The two year age gap and her smaller feminine stature granted her no favors. She was however, adept at learning to use tools and weapons, she could handle the sword and other light weapons with finesse, though still she was, unsurprisingly easily over powered by her elder brother. She however, had one skill that Sian did not. She was perceptive. She learned that the best way to find victory was to study her opponents. Soon she was studying Sian's and Akuma's brawls, watching how the younger of the two reacted.

She enjoyed the boy's mischievous antics, and had soon found herself following him around like a lost puppy, contributing to the antics with her own detailed perceptions. He was her first and only friend. Life in the Canyon of Desolation wasn't perfect... nor was it easy, but Kogara had known nothing different and so she was content-- That was until her twelfth year. Akuma was fourteen when his father sent him away to Mount Hakobe. The girl was devastated that her only friend was leaving her. She vowed to get stronger while he was away, to show him how much she had grown. And grow she did-- metamorphosed from an awkward adolescent to a beautiful young woman of the age of sixteen. Her long blue hair flowed down her back, and she began to grow into the curves that maturity had brought her, often told that she was as beautiful as her mother, despite learning to be as deadly.

Years had passed since anyone had heard from Akuma, even talk of him had diminished. If he didn't come back, it had been decided, it meant he was too weak to finish his task--If he did, they would celebrate in his success. There was no use to worry one way or another. Though the teenager often thought of her friend-- particularly in the loneliness without him-- she said nothing.

Soon, however, she had more to worry about than Akuma's well-being. Her mother had become ill: struck with a terrible fever. The sickness progressed quickly. It became evident that it was not a battle that Kogara's mother could win. She became weaker by the day, withering away to nothing. Her death was not an honorable one, overtaken by weakness. When she died, her name was cast away. There was to be no grieving. No ceremony. No remembrance. Those things were for those who left life honorably-- who left it fighting.

Without her mother, and still without her best friend, Kogara felt nothing other than isolated. Her brother and father turned away from her, claiming that her face looked weak, since it was so similar to her mother's. Soon no accomplishment in the Canyon of Desolation was enough to find her way from the shadow of disappointment that her mother had cast. She was angry. Angry at her mother for being weak. Angry at her father and brother for being unable to discern between her and her mother. Angry at herself for being unable to prove her worth.

She had come to the decision that the only way to move past her mother's death was to accomplish some great feat. As there was nothing left for her in the Canyon of Desolation, at the age of seventeen she decided to leave. Perhaps one day she would return when she was strong enough to defeat everyone in the village. She took with her a single blunted practice blade, and set off.

The young woman had barely any further to go to exit the canyon before she became cornered by a pack of giant beasts. The stubborn young woman refused to give up, despite her blunt blade doing nothing to fend off the beasts. It was in the moment of fight or flight, that she unlocked her magic. She came down on a beast with tremendous force, the blunt blade slicing into its neck. This action caused the other beasts to scurry away, as Kogara realized that this could be her way to prove that she was strong. Realizing that there was magic locked inside of her, begging to be better understood, her first goal was to practice the magic, the second was to find a guild to facilitate her growth, while not limiting her in her exploration to become stronger..

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Re: Kogara Hano (finished)

Post by Wesaam on January 5th 2016, 9:50 pm

(Y) Good bio. Approved.

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