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Michael Lucifer Dracul

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Michael Lucifer Dracul

Post by Michael on January 2nd 2016, 5:42 am

Basic Information

Full Name: Michael Lucifer Dracul
Nickname(s): Alien, Inhuman, Angel, Pervert, Demon, Stalker, Doctor, Vampire, Chef
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 22nd September
Rank: A
Height: 177cm
Weight: 82 kg
Age: 22
Zodiac: Virgo


"The truth is out there."
"How many people you killed, or how many you let live, it doesn't matter to me. You people incurred my wrath... That's reason enough, for you to meet your demise."
"Things in this world usually turn out okay. There's no point in worrying about the future."
"If it's just pain, I'll endure it."
"I just believe in my own body, that's all."
"What you think of as peace can be painful to others."


Michael is a average tall young man with bright green eyes and spiky honey-blonde hair. He is usually seen wearing his casual clothing of white shirt and black pants having his shirt unbuttoned however not too much as it does not show much of his chest. Michael is also very handsome, and most of the girls who see him fall for his looks instantly. Michael has slim face with sharper canine's that usual people do, from where he got his nickname, however they are still in regular size. Because he is traveling free lancer he has no mark of any guild nor he is part of any organization. Sometimes he could be seen having a large backpack which he uses for his clothing and suplies becuase he travels a lot. However he can always be seen clean and looking good like he is from some noble family. His body is very muscular which shows that he has extreme athleticism. Michael has stature of a noble man but depending on situation in he is in his pose, moves and looks can change almost instantly which can confuse people who observe him for a long time. He remains mystery to other wizards, idol to some girls and very suspicious person to people who protect law. Despite having larger weight than someone else of his height his body shape is almost perfect and on such question he simply responds that he has "heavy bones".


Michael is complicated person on so many levels and people who are trying to understand him or find out what he thinks usually give up or rage it out. He remains like calm person with noble movement most of his time and he likes to read books and learn new things. Depending on person who talks with him Michael can be friendly or hostile but one thing is sure is that he likes to investigate and find out what kind of people are approaching to him so he can know how to react to them and behave in front of them. Before finding that out he will remain distant to any stranger but he likes to observe a lot of things so its almost impossible to guess what could be next thing that will interest him that much that he will ignore other things around him for that. Michael however will never fail to help person that needs his help or protect someone whos life is in danger, unless that person is the one who is endangering other people. Because of his random and wide knowledge he knows a lot about medicine which he can utilize to assist others in their time of need. When endangered himself Michael will remain calm thinking about tactics and strategies that might assist him, however he would never do something as stupid as fighting a lost battle unless he has a very strong reason to do so. Being helpful by nature towards others he could offten be seen doing part time jobs that have nothing to do with being a wizard. Because he is kind to people who are kind to him he will never fail to get rewarded for his hardships. On other hand Michael is perverted person not even trying to hide his side enjoying view of beautiful female bodies is one of his hobbies next to reading while he claims that his speciality is everything. Despite having immense amount of attention from girls and his perverted nature he is not interested to be a ladies man but more of searching for something to do to pass time. Things that interest Michael can change from minute to minute but he will mostly prefer to read a book or work something to pass time.

Skills and Abilities


Ascension: is special type of magic that Michael developed himself after he studied as little child at his family house. Ascension allows him to "ascend" his body to higher state which increases his defensive ability massively as well as brute force of his body if he decides to do. Magic can be used to ascend only part of his body or even something else object or a person however for such to work Michael has to be in direct touch with person or object and magic disappears from them the moment he stops holding them. On activation magic starts to glow around Michael and gets released in shockwaves for a short amount of period before it stops being visible however it remains over and inside his whole body. Ascension has two forms or types that can be used separately or in collaboration with each other.

Wrath: is one of three basic abilities that Michael developed so far. Wrath creates crimson colored aura that warps Michael's body, coursing through his body it increases his destructive brute power of his body massively. With such mode activated feats as crushing a giant stone or smashing a thick brick wall with one hand is childs play.

Duranin:  is one of three basic abilities that Michael developed so far. Duranin creates blue colored aura that warps Michael's body, coursing through his body it increases his defense and resistance to any type of attacks massively. With such mode activated feats as stoping a simple blade swing with bare skin is childs play.

Uriel: is one of three basic abilities that Michael developed so far. Uriel creates yellow colored aura that warps Michael's body, coursing throught his body it increases his speed and reflexes massively. High speed acceleration and movement with this one is childs play.

Artificial God Slayer ( God Eater ): is a form of Ancient Spell in which the caster is able to attain the abilities of a "God", using a specific element as their type. The certain elemental type of God Slayer Magic can be conjured from the caster's body and be used for various purposes, mainly in combat. Michael created his own form of God Slayer by using an example of his Ascension magic which resulted in unorthodox type of God Slayer with unique traits. God Eater does not use specific element but pure raw magical particles which results in its attacks to look like black light. User is unable to "eat" any element to replenish his power however it opens path to new abilities unique to this magic such as Divine Gift.

Heaven's Roar: is ability similar to Roar's that Dragon Slayer use however with a bit different approach. User gathers energy on his palm which makes ability to be fired using users hand and not his lungs and mouth.

Heaven's Rage: is ability that can be used as offensive and defensive tool. User clenches their fist compressing their power inside of it which creates an explosion of magical energy around caster in short area.

Divine Gift: is ability unique to Michael and God Eater. Because of influence of Ascension Magic while creating this God Slayer type Michael learned to temporary "buff" his allies with surge of God Eater energy which would give them massive boost in overall power and small God Slayer affinity to their respectative elemental magic or basic attacks. Divine Gift usually lasts for a few minutes but Michael can choose how long and how much he wishes to bless with his power.

Heaven's Lance: is ability which allows Michael to conjure a spear of magical energy which can be used as an weapon however for a short amount of time because its original  use is not to be used as a regular spear but as projectile which causes great explosion from the place of impact dealing moderate amount of damage.

Omega Drive: is ability that is type of Magic-amplification technique. User channels massive amounts of magical particles from their body as well from around him which results in forming a small aura of black light around his body which results in massive increase in power, particularly speed. While in this mode users eyes start to glow slightly and force of the drive constantly raises their hair and clothing upwards. But such a great ability has a great burden. If used too long user would feel immense amount of pain inside his whole body which would result in termination of Drive as well as incapability to fight any further.

Special Traits

Immense Durability: Despite having such magic type to increase his defense its not enough. To be able to put himself on the line using his own body as a weapon Michael had to train from the childhood to be able to utilize his magic more. He is capable to take large amount of beating without going down.
Immense Endurance: Because of training for years Michael has developed large stamina pool which gives him almost insane amount of energy for all sorts of things he wants to do. His body metabolism is way faster and superior to that of average human which allows him to be able to train or fight for large amount of times as well as reading for hours or hours of stalking if he finds it fit to do.
Hand to hand master: As his magic has no range potential Michael was forced to train ways of hand to hand combat. His style is composed of multiple different hand to hand combat types. Such high level of mastery in addition with his magic can be destructive beyond imagination.
Weapon Expert: Because of having no other range type attacks except using weapons Michael trained to master to utilize and use multiple types of weapons going from swords to bows. However despite that Michael himself does not have any weapons nor he wants to carry any because he does not find them interesting.
Master Chef: Michael, because of traveling for almost more than half of his life, mastered art of cooking to such degree that he can cook any type of meal and make it look and taste like he was born for such work.
Medic: Michael studied and learned everything about how human body works and what he can do to heal or prevent injuries. His knowledge of medical herbs to even preforming simple surgeries is so vast its frightening.
Keen Intellect: Michael likes to read and to learn a lot of new and interesting things. However this makes his intellect very keen and cruel if it needs to be. He is able to observe and learn things about his enemies before he even engages into fighting.
Pervertisam: Michael is a pervert and he is not afraid to show it. However his perverted side goes a bit more deeper than that of regular pervert. He is capable to sit and watch girls who he finds perfect for his research for hours because of his huge energy. By laws of nature he shall use his chances whenever he can. However despite all this he would never attack a girl just for his needs, he admires beauty and he wishes to preserve it and enjoy it more than once.


Whole history about Michael is shrouded in mystery.

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Re: Michael Lucifer Dracul

Post by Wesaam on January 2nd 2016, 5:21 pm


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