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Itazuki Hara - The Nullifier.

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Itazuki Hara - The Nullifier.

Post by Itazuki on August 29th 2014, 3:36 pm

"Tell me; do you fear my nullification magic?"

Itazuki Hara

Itazuki Hara is the founder and the current guild master of the guild named as "Shattered Sanctity". He is famous for his nullifying magic, the magic which has the power to nullify magics and make them of no use against him.

Basic status

Full name: Itazuki Hara.
Gender: Male.
Guild: Guild master of Shattered Sanctity.
Rank: A-rank
Eye color: Sky blue.
Body color: White.
Hair color: Blonde.
Status; Alive and well.
Current goals: To live everyday with his best friend, Wesaam.
Age: 21.


His soul is made up of being calm; this poses as a threat to many but an advantage to some as well. The aura Itazuki always wear on is the calm devour that stays within himself. The observant nature however stays uneffected, his skills to be very watchy of how things are proceeding. This is one of those times when he clearly examines  situation and make the final conclusion whether or not he should retreat. Ita believes in being just and fair; he too does his best to be within everyone ranges and not be too unfair whenever he gets his chance. His very sheer persona is clinquanting with various experiences. Imbecile and naive people will fail to understand his true personality. He gets fearless, if needed, his people mean more than anything to him. He usually rolls the statements around and is unable to be very precise and straight forward at them, which causes  whole fuss of confusion usually. Other than that, he's quite good and seems to be good in nature. His keen and intellectual compatibility is very well-versed with his mates and friends; keeping the bonds of friendship ever stronger.

Other qualities that may define his character would rather be a humble and courteous way of his when dealing with anyone. This sure comes as a shock for someone as powerful as him; people expect a very strict behavior and are rather surprised to see that he's so lenient. Itazuki is usually trusted for most of the things he does, because of his humble nature, it is almost impossible to not trust this nullifier. His optimistic persona has one other thing about him that leaves everyone blank. The independent quality that far exceeds anything; he believes in a free life and so is bound with very strong free words. The hara boy has also an openness to various situations. He's not going to shy and be not thankful for anyone doing anything good for him; perhaps that is how he has always been capable of making friends all over Fiore, even outside perhaps. He takes a lot from his contentiousness to make him be at better levels ahead when fighting someone. Due to this, his spontaneous weak nature is overcome by this quality and he almost feels fine.

The negative qualities that he may posses would rather be that he keeps the bad things to himself for as long as he can and take up all the blames for anyone if needed. People usually take an advantage of this and Ita on the other hand is often in danger.


Itazuki's appearance very much resembles a boy-like appearance; however his manly side is very much open too. His training for the justice every-day has made his muscles be pumped outwards clearly showing that he is no weak man and has the ability to be very fair in terms of almost everything. Those yellow hair that reach almost the bottom of his shoulders are on another way of adding a sincere nature to his personality and adding more beautification on his self. The round and bulging eyes he has very much resemble the stars at night, the crimson color of their are thought to be the dawn of the sun. Chilled nose is what makes his face a bit better than overall expressions, and make the face much happy even in situations where he actually isn't. The favorite color being black, he is usually seen wearing black with the other favorite red color. One way or the other he definitely put a black and a red combination in his dressings no matter what. Essentially, he wears a red coat with a black shirt and black jeans. Red and black sneakers are worn by the Hara as well; making his personality even more gracious and putting more beauty into it as well.

The exalted beauty that is usually put in him is when he gets serious; those eyebrows narrowed to almost the end make his actual face much more serious and beautify literally every part of it. He has a sense of fashion as well, so he is mostly moving with the world and noticing any small changes that might beautify his nature as well. He respects and admire beauty but it doesn't mean he would be too afraid to get into something for the sake of beauty.

Skills and Abilities

Nullifying Magic

Itazuki is capable of nullifying magics by just waving at them. He has become so mastered at this ability that he can just point at the incoming magic to nuillify it.

Nullification spells:

1) Divine Arrow:

The user creates a large arrow with a purple-colored glowing light and swings an arm, as if throwing an object, to attack the target destroying the certain surrounding area in its range. This attack causes all magic in the vicinity to be temporarily disabled.

2) Total domination:

This magic is self-activated whenever Itazuki attempts to compile a little bit of his magic into an area. That complete area is temporarily disabled, as in no one except Itazuki can use magic; also any in-process magic would be disabled as well and will be completely destroyed. The drawback to this is that when this duration has ended, which is 5 minutes, Itazuki himself cannot use magic in that area for a duration of 10 minutes. So either he completes his work in those five minutes or he stays at defense after the ending of those five minutes. Ita has never used this spell.

3) Nullifier:

This is the spell that made Itazuki famous. The spell is used for long-ranged attacks. This magic spell is utilized by forming an insignia of his magic into the compressed form of anything he wants. Be it a bullet or an arrow or heck even a rock. It will be in white color, however. It an be controlled by Itazuki's gestures and once it hits an enemy, the enemy is temporarily disabled to be of using any kinds of magic till the insignia is rubbed off. The insignia can be rubbed off by repeated friction production, however the enemy must know where the insignia was put on. As long as the insignia remains intact, the enemy cannot use magic. Rubbing the insignia will allow the enemies to completely wear it off by repeatedly doing this however their hands will be burned severely. The spell itself doesn't do any damage, the insignia won't hurt unless you're aware of it and touch it after being aware of it.

4) Nullify:

The original use, Itazuki can nullify any sorts of magic incoming at him. With just a plain gesture he can swiftly nullify it. Even with movements like moving his elbow.

5) Seal of Nullification:

This seal is set up by Ita while he battles someone. Once the enemy sets up on it, an insignia is formed at the back of his body and he is not able to use any kidns of magic for 10 minutes; after 10 minutes the insignia will automatically disappear.

Earth Magic:

The caster makes use of the earth around them for combat, giving the user a great deal of flexibility when using their Magic. Skilled users can manipulate the physical properties of earth, such as making sand as hard as metal, creating iron-hard rock pillars from the ground, or even bending the ground at will and turning it into a liquid form. Earth Magic also enables the user to literally dive into the ground (be it rock, concrete, or metal), using their hands or feet, and tunnel through it. Like other elemental Magics, some users can also transform their bodies into earth and travel through solid obstacles and the ground itself.

Earth Magic spells:

1) Earth mould:

Basically, Itazuki can convert the ground at his will. Either rock hard by erupting different things or just liquifying the ground. This is a rather basic spell. His rock hard eruptions are hard but not too hard that they are unbreakable. He has not mastered the Earth magic, yet.

2) Insanity's finest art work:

As named insane; the reason it is named insane is because it changes the entire battlefield. The user only needs a small rock, once it is in his aim, h focuses almost every last ounce of his magic power and releases it in the forward direction. The whole plateau is seemingly reduced to nothingness but this makes the user almost completely finished. Only mere muscle movement is possible, the user cannot move. If somehow the enemy dodges this move, the user who cast this spell is literally done for. Ita has never used this spell, but devised it.

3) Monstrous defense:

A giant troll shaped titan is created when the user uses this spell and with this an incredible defense is also created. It can be used on an ally and the monster is immediately reduced to nothingness after 2 minutes. It also causes a lot of magic power of the user to be depleted.

Light Dragon Slayer Magic:

Light Dragon Slayer Magic allows its user to transform the physiology of their body into that of a White Dragon. Consequently, this Magic allows the user to both produce and control light from any part of their body, which can be used in both close and ranged combat.

Light Dragon Slayer spells:


1) White Dragon's Roar:

The White Dragon Slayer's exclusive Dragon's Roar, incorporating the element of light. The user releases a tornado of light from their mouth to attack the target. The attack seems to possess highly destructive power, having caused great damage to the area it affected, destroying the ground and piercing through buildings alike. This spell can also take the form of a laser; the trajectory of said laser can be altered, allowing the user to strike more than one opponent.

2) Holy Claw:

Itazuki can make an insignia white in color that stops the movements of the one on whom the insignia is attached. The user gathers light in their hand and fires it at their opponent, engraving a stigma into their skin, thus restricting their movement. The stigma can be burned away, freeing the movement of the one trapped. If this occurs, it is quite easy to counter this technique.

3) Holy light:

The user can emit brilliant light out of their bodies that would make his enemies unable to see what is going around them. The holy light can be used for other purposes like using a Holy Fist as the light would be conjured with the fist punch and deliver a better fist punch than a normal punch would do. Or any other kind of similar abilities can be used with this.

4) Holy burning crimson wave:

Ita sends out two big loads of light filled with destructive power as he rotates around in an attempt to bring destruction on whom these waved are aimed at.

5) Holy light creation:

In this spell, Ita bends the light in such a way that he makes a possible stand ij air that is capable of being there for a matter of a few seconds. Itazuki can stand on it and then move from one place to another through air.

1. Light Drgon secret art: Holy Orb:

This is a secret art and the user accumulates a lot of energy into one orb and pushes it into the desired direction, once it hit brings about great destruction.

2. Light Dragon Secret art: X-mark:

The user puts up a X-mark to aid him in battle. X-mark is a support mark through which Ita can take light. For example he can bend the light coming from X-mark and make its way towards his enemy to finish him off or attack him.


Other abilities:

  1. Prodigious Strength:Itazuki has expansive amount of strength. He is incredibly strong, physically and can carry tons of weight through his bare body.

  2. Substantial Endurance: Ita has huge and loads amount of endurance fit within him. His stamina simply expresses how good he is. Thus, making him an active foe to challenge at all times.

  3. Cosmic Magical user: What this means is he's an excellent elemental magical user. He can perform various tricks by using his elemental basic magic, Earth style. Don't dare challenge him!

The Guild:

Itazuki is the first and the current guildmaster of a guild which is known as the "Shattered Sanctity" in the land of Fiore. The first member Itazuki invited was Wesaam, the strongest mage of this guild. Itazuki's goal is to find calm and remove anyone who attempts to harm fiore. The guild is situated in the middle of Fiore, and its structure is rather compulsive. The door of this guild is created by pure metal with a Shattered Sanctity symbol in the in-between of the guild. The roof is structured in such a way that two large Shattered Sanctity symbols are on each of the radius of the roof, making the symbols visible. Aside of that, the guild itself is a good place and has gardens covering it from the right and left side.


It began like its supposed to be. A loving mother and a caring father, never thought of anything more than that. Everything was just perfect for a so called "Happy family" kind of thing. From the time of his school, Itazuki has always been a brilliant child. Gaining and perceiving it in every way he could, the code words, riddles, and such sort of stuff. It was quite easy for Itazuki to pick up almost anything, no matter how tough or bad the situation seemed to be. His twin brother almost several minutes later born from the time Itazuki was, a good person as well. Itazuki always tried to teach him the path of good and seems that he too was able to pick those stuff. A short, yet happy family are the two only words which could be spoken about this family. They were relatively strong in their bonds of love and shared their pains and happy moments with each other. It was possibly during that time when Itazuki found this woman. Woman which he could describe with a few words. Good, nice, ego-ish and most importantly fashionable. Her name was Sayoko Araki. The place where Itazuki's family and Sayoko's family lived was a kind of a village, not too far from the Fiore city. She always had this excited feeling of going to that city, in which Itazuki helped sayoko and so then went their to learn new things regarding their world. They both left their families back in that village and came  to this city they barely knew of. They didn't hesitate and stroke every single muscle of their body in the hard-ships that were thrown at them.

After the incident that occurred between, ita and Sayoko, Sayoko was never seen from that day. Itazuki desperately tried to find her, but he failed.

Itazuki roamed around the land, as he had lost hope.

He then found a person who remained quiet most of times or rather remained serious and didn't give interest in anything at all. His magic was incredible, a shadow dragon slayer magic. Itazuki started to be friends with him when he was finally able to get happy again now. He then created this guild Shattered Sanctity and invited Wesaam, on which he agreed. His goal was to make things better in Fiore now that he has his own guild. Going on missions, sometimes together, sometimes alone; their journey had been started with Shattered Sanctity. He was able to add a few people into his guild which made things a lot more lively. Wesaam was always doing the usual business, taking missions and attempting them. Itazuki had also been fighting mages for the sake of people. His calm nature was changing, for his people.[/u]

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