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Moon Temple.

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Moon Temple.

Post by Itazuki on June 3rd 2016, 2:41 am

Mission name: Moon Temple.

Mission details: A guild that is being led by Motoshi Akizawa. The guild is known for its treacherous activities and have been asked to stop them countless times; but to no avail. Magic council is too busy dealing with the in-city matters and have not seen a big enough reason to put an end to this by themselves and have hence asked by the light guilds to do their job. They have given the information of this guild as follows:

The Members of the Guild:
Members and The GM:

Most of the guild consist of C-ranked and B-ranked members. They do not have any sort of specific specialization except that most of them use Lightning magic, excluding three of them which happen to be the water users. In totality there are 10 C-ranked members all of lightning magic and 8 B-ranked members, in which three of them use water.

The guild has two A-ranked members, and that is the GM and his right hand man himself.

They are both propelling in both the arts of close combat and long range. The GM has built his body by training day in and day out, he uses requip magic and three different equips. A long sword with a heavily equipped armor, a huge lance with a horse that spews fire and finally his ultimate requip, the skillful and stealthy requip in which he has two daggers, a mask and a light weighed armor. In it his speed is heavily increased.

The right hand man is possibly the strongest mage in the guild. He specializes in Water, Light, Fire and Wind Magic. usually used simultaneously at once, so be wary, you're going to go against a very strange powerful guild.

This mission can be done only once and will be deleted once it has been taken.

Mission reward: S-rank.

Mission rank: 30/35/40.

Request by: The Magic council.


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