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Events and contests.

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Events and contests.

Post by Itazuki on June 1st 2016, 8:26 pm

Events and Contests

Events and contests are held that bring exciting things into the world of FTO. They bring a chance for people to earn role-play points that are from now on, probably going to decline in simple passive role-play. Not completely, however only a selective individuals might get role-play points for their exceptional role-play which is still going to be rare.

Events will be held regularly by our Role-play Officers. These events could be anything, really. A huge mission for all of the guild members, a party, a farewell, a celebration, an assassination etc; it could range from the simplest of the things to the most complicated stuff ever. However while these events and contests will be, hopefully, brought in regularly players are still encouraged to do missions and to earn their rpp's that way, because that is the easiest possible way, out there. So while it is intriguing to play these hour-longing events, we also have placed consequences for them. But lets talk about the rewards first. The RPO's basically decide what the reward should be, they will be explained by us, the admins, clearly. It will possibly more like 3-5 rpps.

The consequences are following if you've done something in an event, you shouldn't have:

  1. Anyone who joins an event must be available at the time the event is going to be started, otherwise he will be deducted of 5 rpps.
  2. Anyone leaving an event right in the middle whilst its going will receive a bigger consequence i.e 10 rpps reduced with the first warning infarction (in totality there will always be 4 of them, this only applies to the events, once over you will be banned from taking part in events until approved by an admin).
  3. Joking or goofing around will result in the deduction of 3 rpps.
  4. Not following what the RPO is saying will also result in a deduction of rpps, but this time with a warning infarction too. 3 rpps will be deduced.

Besides these, it is directly up to the admins to whom they are giving these warnings. They may give out to anyone joking or goofing around a lot of times in events. Common sense is required to join these events, because of the rules that are given. Don't panic and get worried if you find that you did something but the rule for it was not written, if it was wrong, you are being dealt with in the wrong fashion as well; happy role-playing.


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