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Fairy Tail Online - still in beta.

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Fairy Tail Online - still in beta.

Post by Itazuki on May 29th 2016, 7:14 pm

Fairy Tail Online is not dead. The administration had to go for awhile, due to which the FTO stood in its place like a frozen river. It has not ended and most definitely has not been disbanded.  Although it is still going to be in the beta, but the actuality of this forum will be soon released with new and exciting contents for the players. It is true that progression rate is much slower in FTO and it will be made perhaps faster.

It was an announcement that had to be constructed and so here it is. We are still working on FTO after returning and will focus on FTO more than ever, hopefully. The FTO community shall continue to grow and will not stop, until the very end of FTO.

Happy Rping.


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