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New player guide!

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New player guide!

Post by Itazuki on August 28th 2014, 7:09 am

Hello and welcome to Fairy Tail Online forum role-play game. You've stumbled across this post, because of a few reasons. One that, you're stuck and you have no idea what to do and what not to do. Second, that you're here because to memorize your knowledge and finally third that you're trying to send this guide to any friend of your's.

Nevertheless, welcome to this guide.

I will now begin with the most basic rules when you role-play.

IC and OOC:

They're something which actually defines your character. IC means in character, its something your character does through you. OOC means out of character, something which you do and anything ic isn't effected for any player.


Meta-gaming is considered to be one of the worst possible scenario when you rp. Its the act of gaining knowledge through ooc means and using them icly.


Power-game too is considered to be the worse thing when rp'ing. Its the act of using your character by not giving up even though he/she would've been unconscious and using your character in a god like stage mode.

The basic information is rather over. Now a step wise of what you should do and what you shouldn't is next.

Step one: 1

You will have to read all of the rules and information of the site by going here

Step two: 2

You will have to make a character by going here

Step three: 3

You will have to join a guild, if you wish to or try-on some solo things.


In the shop section, you can buy a variety of things to your character, obviously you'll have to use points to buy the things you want.

Magic Shop

A person can start by choosing one of the five elements for free, but for getting any other type of magic, the Magic shop is what you're searching for.
In the Magic Shop, you can see all the magic that is obtainable on FTO, and their prices in points. And to buy a magic you should follow the template below.

Magic Shop Template

And here is a link to the Magic Shop

Magic Shop

Upgrade Shop

In this section, you will be able to buy rank ups to your stats, for example STR, MP, etc which is present in your character sheet. You will be able to upgrade them one by one, and you cannot rank up completely from one rank to another until you've upgraded all of the stats in you character sheet. You also cannot upgrade a state more than a rank above you. Here is an example to make it easier.

A D rank cannot reach the Rank of C until he's upgraded all the stats in his Character sheet to C rank. Once he upgrades all of them, he automatically turns to a C rank.

And another example, a D rank upgrades STR to C rank, once he does that he cannot really upgrade it any further to B for example until he becomes a complete C rank, which allows him to upgrade it one more rank. The same system applies as you rank up.

When using the upgrade shop, the template linked below should be followed.

Upgrade Shop Template

Here is a link to the Upgrade shop

Upgrade Shop

Weapons Shop

In this section, you can buy both normal and unique weapons for your characters using points. You can buy simple weapons like Staves, Axes, Swords for a low cost of points. And you can also buy unique weapons from the shop, like Elemental weapons (Fire, Wind etc.) and non-elemental ones too! (Like Wood, Ice, etc.)
When you plan to buy a weapon, you should be using the template below.

Weapon Shop Template

Here is a link to the Weapon Shop

Weapon Shop

The Black Market

The black market is where the prices for things as in donations, you can buy ranks, armors, magic, and most of the things, but the admins is who will decide how many ranks can you donate for to make it balanced. There might be some changes to the prices, but contact Itazuki, Wesaam or Micheal on Skype if you have any questions regarding donations.

Here is a link to the Black Market

Black Market

Armor Shop

In this section, you will be able to check the prices of the armors for the magics, currently the ones for Requip Magic are listed with their prices in points. Later on more things will be added. If you want to buy an armor while having the magic, check the prices and use the template below to request a buy.

Armor Shop Template

Here is a link to the Armor shop

Armor Shop

Lottery Shop

In this section, you get a chance weekly to make a random amount of points ranging from 1-30 points! The rolling is between the range of 1-100, and the higher the roll the more points you win obviously. The Rolling system and instructions for the Lottery Shop is explained in the link below. Read the instructions carefully before doing a mistake.

The Lottery System

This thread will be updated with a regular information.

For now, that's it.


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