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Inculcation - WIP.

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Inculcation - WIP.

Post by Itazuki on February 21st 2016, 12:08 am

Optional Music:

The music is entirely optional; if you do listen, you might enhance the reading material and will be able to handle the exact points that I am willing to give out. Any suggestions are welcomed; hope you enjoy the story.


"Striving for success without hard work
is like trying to harvest where you have not planted."
-David Bly-

Sometimes dreams remain odd and can never be fulfilled; not due to the fact that they cannot be earned, but due to the mere fact that the people are unable to strive for them, unable to work for them, and unable to lose for them. To achieve what has always been a simple dream, is indeed extremely hard; however it is not the end of a road. With the fine view of the future, a single step towards your inevitable danger, will without a doubt bring you that single step closer to what you've been dreaming for centuries. A talent can never win against someone who busts up his back and does whatever possible in his two hands, that seemingly grow to be very filthy, as days pass. These hands are not filthy by dirt; but they have this astonishing fragrance in them, this surprisingly faint smell, a unique view in them that is not seen in many hands. Such are the hands of a hardworker.

Everything was ready, thought already, created and pondered over and over again, with these imaginations in his mind, he stepped forward; trying to prove that he too, can become no one ever dreamt of. His goal and his aim were ruthless and he, without any doubt, was reckless as well. However, his dream was right in front of his very own two eyes, lurking out there, all he had to do was pull it out of the darkness and crystal clear it.

As the morning rose up, the birds chirping together had created a very monumental feeling of being precious; these little sounds were simply amazing for the ears of this young lad. The sun rose up with its phenomenal heat that poured onto the lands of Fiore; the heat remained quiet, it had no effect on the boy's tough skin. The strong radiations of this morning's sun were no different, he had been very formal to them. The air felt a bit heavier, it was incredible and rare to feel the invisible air that surrounds almost every part of our body was heavier than before; yet it was simply perplexing. The crimson green eyes of this lad were rotating on each and every part of today's land, his gaze was set up to welcome anyone who would pass off this hill. Unfortunately for him, no one did, until now.

Optional music for the following paragraphs:

The face of this yellow haired boy had turned into a demising face, when no one had came to this startling hill. The grass on atop of it was actually smooth, too good for anyone to lay down and take a small nap; his eyes were eyeing the bluish skies that held numerous clouds, with dull colors, that joined up and mingled into each other. Not even a single voice was hearable when they had collided against one another, it was very peaceful. Pots of breathtaking flowers were also situated atop of this hill, that was nothing like one, it almost felt like it was a part of the instantaneous road.

His eye twitched and his eyebrow rose up relative to his other eyebrow. He was wondering what kinda of sound had risen up, at such a place. A place where noting but gleeful grass twirls around in the smooth air; such revolutionary feeling of the clean grass atop of this handsome hill, it was indeed a very breathtaking view. His neck twisted to the other side, with his eyebrow still figuring out the footsteps from this afar place that seemed very distant. Very soon, a clean figure stood atop of tis' hill as well. Calm and clear. However it was a very different figure, it was very smooth. Smooth just like the grass, beautiful just like the sky and to top it astonishingly colorful.

With a single sweep, the man released a wave of magic that utterly brought a moment of joy in the very veins of this boy that had been resting for awhile; this magnificent power was the first time, he had shown right in front of his eyes. A very powerful smirk was formed onto the face of this man that was standing before the blonde haired lad. Little by little, it cam as crystal clear that this figure was unable to talk.



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