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New Skills, Old Skills: Part 1 - Knives [10]

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New Skills, Old Skills: Part 1 - Knives [10]

Post by Shisei on February 20th 2016, 7:09 pm

New Skills, Old Skills:
Part 1 - Knives

Chapter 1 – Target Practise

The sun slowly crept up from the horizon as Shisei walked out of his house while holding a bag full of knives that he has bought and collected together. As he walks along the pathway towards the outer reaches of the town, going towards the nearby forest, he notices people slowly coming out of their houses to go to work and shops were opening for another day of business.

As he approaches the gates to go out to the forests, the guards looked at him, wondering why there is someone leaving the city so early in the morning especially a man who is dressed in black, wearing a mask over his mouth. They walked up to him as he approaches and ask: “Who are you and what is your business?” Shisei glanced at them as he would simply say in response: “I am just going for a morning walk to the forest, I won’t be too long.” The guard, not being sure whether or not to trust him, decided to let him pass after a long discussion amongst the other guards.

After leaving the city, Shisei walked towards the large forested area in front of the gates, walking along the pathway while taking in the scenery. He continued along the pathway until he thought that he had gone far enough away from the town, before turning and going straight into the forest and off the path. He made his way through the trees, seeing some small woodland animals. After a short amount of time passed he had arrived at a water stream travelling towards the sea, thinking this is the perfect place to set up his training.

He placed his bag down as he looked around at the trees in the area, grabbing one of the knives from the bag as he walked up to the nearest tree. He began carving targets into the trees, using a basic template of having a centre circle and one larger outer circle. He prepared these on several trees to begin with, knowing he will build it up as he goes along.

After finishing marking out all the targets he walked back to his bag, grabbing a number of knives from it, placing them on his belt. He stood on the river bank, looking towards the targets and then looking up at the sky noticing that it is getting closer to noon, having finally set up.

Pushing off the ground as he ran past the trees, as he gets mid-way past the targets, he sent a knife towards them as he aiming for the centre of the targets. A couple of the knives would hit the centre, or just off the centre but most of them would hit the outer circle, not being able to precisely hit them yet.

After completing his first run of the course, he noticed that he had messed up on most of the trees. Not being pleased with this result he pulled the knives out of the targets, brushing them off ready for another go at his little course. As he pulled out the knives, he noticed that he had put enough power into his throws as they have cut deep into the tree, though some of the knives would have bent from the hit, having to replace these.

He continued to do this course of training for hours, before he finally was able to get close to the centre, or have most of them in the centre, though noticing that he had blunted the edges of the knives. Before continuing with his training course, he added more targets after getting satisfactory results from the previous ones, doing this whenever he got good enough results so that he could push himself further.  

The sun began to go down, he finding that he had pushed his stamina to the limit, knowing he needed to get some rest before continuing. He marked the ground under him to remember where he had set up so that he could come back again the next day to continue with his training. The guards did not question him on his way back, simply shrugging off the fact that he had spent all day in the forest.

After three days of constant training, taking minimal breaks in between, he was slowly getting better pushing himself to the limit. The training had helped him improve his aim and his hand-eye coordination. He had cut himself a number of times during his training, though not brushing them off and stopping any blood coming out.

With the fourth day being completed he had finally deemed himself worthy to continue to the next stage of his training. He went back home earlier than usual to begin designing and gathering what he needed for the next stage to master his knives.

Chapter 2 – Assault Course

Shisei travelled back to his spot in the forest with his bag of knives, sitting on the river bank to properly notice his surroundings. He sat there and studied the trees and the river beside him, creating an image of an assault course in his head that he could do to increase his speed and agility.

He begun by working out a path that he would follow, moving up and into the treeline, having targets at different heights, and then moving into the river where he would have a number of targets in front and behind him to hit while moving through it. On the other side of the river, he would set up a log traps that swing down and hit him when he stands there, having to move out of the way and hit the targets on it. After setting this up in his head, he had begun working on making the targets and marking the pathway that he would have to travel, setting up the trap taking longer due to the complexity of it.

A few hours passed as he had finally completed the assault course, ready for him to do it. He began by doing his previous training, by throwing knives at still targets on the tree to make sure his aim was still just as good. After testing this, he moved back to the bank and prepared himself.

Shisei shot off from the river bank, climbing into the tree, as soon as he goes onto the branch he sent at a few knives at the targets below and above him as he continued to move across other branches. He got half way across the branches, before hearing one about to snap, having move to another tree, having to plan around it as the branch he was on fell to the ground. He continued on the path as he sent out multiple knives. Completing the overhead treeline, he jumped down into the water, which cushioned his fall. After landing, he jumped up and spun around, sending sprinkles of water around sending out knives around him at the same time at the targets around him. He continued through the water, swimming swiftly through the deeper part, after getting to the other end he got out and heard his trap spring moving speedily towards him. He rolled out the way as he sent knives towards the targets on the log that swung down behind him, missing one of them though hitting the other ones. To end with he ran towards a tree as he then pushed off it, flipping backwards as he sent two knives to overhead targets in the tree.  After finishing he stood there to see what he had done, having his almost all the targets, except for one on the log, being displeased with the result. He went through and collected his knives again as he placed them in a separate compartment of the bag he brought, knowing he would need to sharpen them. He left the training area going back to his home to rest, preparing his knives to go back there again the next day.

As the next day quickly crept up, he noticed that the rain had been falling all night, knowing that this will help him with his training having to test his limits again. He arrived at the training area a few hours later, not being able to tell the time of day because of the sun being hidden by the dark clouds overhead. He didn’t need to prepare much for his course, only having to reset the trap on the other side of the river, though the river current was now stronger because of the rain adding to the water in it.

After finishing his set up, he prepared to move off from the river bank, this time, the grass was wet and slippery, having to dig his heels in slightly as he prepared himself. He pushed off from the ground as he felt his foot slip slightly though regaining his balance while closing the distance to the first tree. He grabs the branch, lifting himself off the ground and onto the upper branch, sending out knives at the targets at the same time. He moved across the branches, which were still partially dry due to the leaf cover above them though one was wet and caused him to slip as he began to fall. He grabbed another branch swiftly swinging on it, lifting himself into the air and flipping as he sent out more knives to the other targets. Once landing on the branches again, he got to the end and landed in the water, having to keep his balance due to the water current almost sending him down. While pushing against the current, he sent out the knives, having to multitask his mind at doing all this, hitting the targets with ease. Shisei moved across the rushing river, climbing out of it quickly as the trap was sprung, the log moving towards him faster than before because of the water making it heavier, gaining more force and speed. He jumped and did a front flip out the way and mid-air he sent out the knives towards the targets on the log, hitting all three this time. He continued through his course though stumbling a little from his flip he would end up sliding on his knees and sending the final knives into the overhead targets, completing his assault course.

Once he had finished Shisei checked all the targets to make sure he had hit them where he wanted to, being pleased with his result from doing the course under these conditions he had decided it was time to move onto the next part of his training.

Chapter 3 – Blind Trials

Having to wait a few days for the right weather conditions, Shisei had to prepare for the next part of his training. He travelling into the main market of the town, buying a number of small bells that he could use and that were going to be cheap so he could buy lots of them in case they broke. Once he had gathered everything that he needed Shisei had to wait for a windier day so that the bells would ring if the wind passed through them. While he was waiting he trained his body, doing basic press ups, sit ups and going on jogs around the town to keep his physical strength up. One such day finally came, having had waited a while for this, he was not going to let it pass.

Travelling to the same spot as he always did, Shisei set up targets on the trees around the river stream, stringing the bells onto the centre of the targets so they were in line with the place he needed to hit. Once he finished setting up he had gathered a number of knives with him, then walked into the centre of the stream, standing on the rocks on the river bed making it so he had to keep his balance or he would get taken with the water current. He then blindfolded himself, so that he could not see, having to use his sense of hearing to pinpoint the targets.

His training began as his eyesight was taken away by the piece of cloth. While keeping his balance in the water, he had drawn some of his knives, holding them in his hands as he waited for the wind to pass through the bells, having to listen to it over the sound of the water rushing downstream. Suddenly the sound of three of the bells sounded from his right as he moved about on his foot, sending the knives before the bells stopped ringing, using the sound of each one to create and image of where they were in his head. Every time he sent a knife he counted it so that he knew how many of the bells he had thrown them at. A few more bells sounded coming from the other side, this time, pivoting on his foot as he sent the knives swiftly, trying to his the targets. This continued to occur until Shisei ran out of knives he could throw, taking off his blindfold to see that he had hit some of the bells but missed more than half of them. He sighed in disappointment as he collected his knives, having lost a couple from completely missing the tree, and replaced the damaged bells.

He had restarted the training, though every time he had done this course he had the same results, not showing any progression with it. He was not able to properly visualise they places where the bells were, knowing there was no point in doing the same training again if he kept doing the same thing. He decided it was time for him to try and meditate and simply listen to his surroundings, hoping this may help him learn to create an image of his environment.

He sat down on the river bank, facing towards the water stream as he closed his eyes and simply listened. He had left the bells where they were, being able to hear them, the water stream in front of him flowing gently past him, the tree moving in the wind, the small woodland creatures skittering across the branches. He continued to meditate on the sounds around him, now being able to see what he could hear without opening his eyes, grabbing a knife from his belt as he held it up in the air as the wind brushed past it, creating a quiet high pitched sound, seeing the blade in comparison to the environment as he heard one of the bells again he threw it. Hearing the bark split along with the sound of metal shattering, he opened his eyes to see he had hit his mark perfectly this time.

The darkness slowly took over; Shisei thought that it was about time he had a break from this training, deciding to wait for another windy day to come hopefully. He left the forest and returned home; instead of simply resting he sat atop his house and simply listened to his surroundings, hearing the people talking the night shops being busy, everything. He created the image in his head, trying to listen to everything he could.

The next day came quickly, fortune followed because the wind had not died down, giving another day of gusty weather but with rain clouds forming along with it. Shisei saw this opportunity as he travelled back to the forest to his spot that he had been training in. When he had finally approached his destination the rain began to fall, starting off with light showers which turned heavier as time went on.

Shisei stood in the centre of the river, with his knives on his belt. He listened to the rain, the water and bells, picturing them in his head before making any decisions. He grabbed some of his knives as he stood there listening, before sending them out simultaneously, slicing through the rain as he hit his marks on the trees with the bells. The sound of metal smashing and bark splitting cut through the air for a moment before it was replaced by the rain again. Shisei took off his blindfold to see that he had successfully done it, being very pleased with his result.

Repeating the training, again and again, Shisei was able to see the targets through his ears. After spending the rest of the day there, he decided it was time to start testing his skills on living targets instead of inanimate ones.

Chapter 4 – Against the Night

After having completed his first three stages of his training, Shisei decided it was about time to test his new found skills against some creatures that were going to attack him. He knew the best way to approach this was to go into a more active forest during the night to testing how well he could hear the targets instead of seeing them. He prepared himself, attaching more knives to his belt, knowing he will need to conserve them if he was going to survive.

The sun began to set, knowing it was time to begin moving to his destination. He had found out from a local tavern that there were some vicious creatures were attacking the travellers who were coming and going, being found just north of the town. He decided this would be the perfect place for him to go, he took his bag and began travelling towards this large forest, being able to see it from the gates of the town. The light of the day was flickering out as he approached the forest, the trees blocking out what little light there was anyway.

Once entering the forest the light was completely gone, leaving darkness to surround him. Stepping carefully he could hear the skittering of feet above him, not considering them to be a threat, though as he walked further in he heard howling coming from an area not too far from him, this followed by more howling from other parts of the forest. They were regrouping to hunt; this made Shisei smirk as he didn’t need to go far for his practice dummies to appear. He could hear multiple paws running through the undergrowth of the forest; the sounds were getting close to him, as he drew his knives. He could suddenly hear growling from behind him and to his sides as he jumped into the air, standing on a branch as he lands. He heard some more paws as he threw a knife towards the area he thought it had come from, though missing as he heard his knife hit a rock.

Shisei knew that he needed to concentrate, closing his eyes as he simply listened to the noises around him, hearing the feet, the breeze hitting the leaves, the emptiness of the air, using all this to create an image of his surroundings in his head. He suddenly hears a growl, sending a knife down towards it swiftly and hearing a whimper and then nothing. Growls and barks ripped through the quietness of the forest, Shisei grinned, he created the target marks in his head as he dropped down from the branch his feet catching him as he hung upside down from the branch. He sent out multiple knives out towards the areas he heard the noise, hearing the skulls cracking to the impact with the knives. The forest had gone silent; all that could be heard was the gentle breeze passing through the leaves, the blood gleaming in the starlight that got through the gaps of the trees.

He flipped himself back upright from the branch he was hanging from, he looked around at the corpses of the wolves he had just killed. He took his knives out of their skulls, wiping off the blood on the ground, not really caring about them. Walking further into the forest he found that the sounds of creatures around him were louder, wondering how they would compare to the wolves he had just fought. Shisei continued into the forest, carefully placing his feet to find his prey before they find him.

After a little while of walking, he could see a large humanoid shadow hidden by the moonlight. He climbed up into the tree line, knowing that this was not any human as the light showed more details of this creature, recognising it to be a forest Vulcan. Shisei grabbed a few knives in each of his hands, knowing if he could beat this creature he would have completed this part of his training. He planned as he saw the Vulcan beginning to move, Shisei following it silently in the tree line. They were once again in the darkness of the forest, the light being blocked by the sheer mass of trees now.

He began his assault as he sent his knives towards the creatures back and head, knowing this would not be enough and that he will be found as soon as they hit, he began moving to a place where he would be in front of it as he sent another barrage of knives at it from its side. The creature not expecting the attack would get hit directly from all side, having hit most of its vital areas, though now being in a fit of rage it searched for Shisei in the trees, not being able to see well because of the darkness. The second wave of knives gave away Shisei’s position as he dodged them, moving towards the tree and ramming it to make it fall over and make Shisei fall out.

Feeling the tree shudder and begin to fall, Shisei jumped and grabbed a branch as he swung on it to land safely on the ground just away from the creature. The Vulcan heard Shisei land as it began to charge at him. Shisei saw this and grinned as he sent one knife now, straight towards its face. The creature running directly at Shisei would not have noticed the knife, hitting him in the eye and penetrating into his skull. The Vulcan tripped over as it landed face first, sending the knife further into it and causing blood to spray out and go all over the floor.

Satisfied with his result, Shisei collected some of his knives before making his way back to the town, not seeing any creatures as they would have run away from the wail of the Vulcan as it had died. He knew he could fight creatures with his developed skills, now needed to know what he could do against magicians and other fighters, without the use of his magic and relying only on his knives.

Chapter 5 – Treasure Hunters

After spending a number of days travelling to different taverns in the town to find out if there were any kinds of treasure hunter guilds nearby, Shisei had been told that there was a guild named Crown Carnage that was based just south of the town. He got his things ready, preparing a number of knives and keeping extras in case he would need them. Once prepared he began travelling towards their guild, the guards now used to him going in and out of the city because of him training constantly outside in the forest.

As he got close to the guild, he placed his face mask on, seeing it was quite a nice building and guessing this is what the money from treasure hunting got them. He approached the building, noticing that there were people standing guard outside it, they stared at Shisei eyeing him up and down, wondering if he is part of the guild or not. They prepared their weapons as Shisei was getting closer; he then stopped directly in front of them as he said: “Is this the guild Crown Carnage?” The guards looked at each other before one of them replied: “Yeah it is, what do you want?” Shisei grinned though this not being able to be seen through his mask as he swiftly grabbed two knives off his belt before sending them to the guards, hitting them directly in the neck.

Shisei grabbed his knives back as he kicked open the door of the build, seeing it was quite empty, reminding him of Shattered Sanctity, he saw that there were six people and their guild master there. He chuckled to himself as he walked in, the blood from the guards leaking into the floor. The members gasped as they grabbed their weapons quickly, running at Shisei. He noticed that two of the members were wizards and the guild master was one too.

Once the guild members were in range he grabbed several knives, holding them between his fingers as he jumped backwards and sent out a barrage at them, hitting all three of them in their heads and one of them in the chest where his heart was. They dropped to the ground as the other member ran at Shisei holding a giant hammer. He slammed it down towards him though Shisei simply rolled past him and as he did this he sent his knife up his arm, causing severe damage to its causing him to drop the hammer, sending the same knife into the back of the man’s head.

The magicians had readied their magic; they were able to use lightning magic, gun magic and beast soul take-over. The beast take-over user transformed into a weretiger as he pounced towards Shisei, the guns magic user sent a barrage towards Shisei while the weretiger was getting in range and at the same time, the other one sent a barrage of lightning bullets towards him. Shisei moved swiftly towards a table as he used it for defence against the barrage of bullets and lightning bullets. Once the weretiger was in range the bullets stopped as he began attacking Shisei with his claws. Seeing this, Shisei flipped over the beast soul, pushing off his back, sending knives into his hide while going over. This not hitting deep enough, Shisei sent two more knives towards the back of his head. The beast turned around as the knives flew towards him, hitting straight in the eyes and piercing his brain, causing him to lose his form and die. As soon as this happened the other two started their barrage again, Shisei moving into the cover of the tables again as this happens.

Having to plan around the continuous barrages of bullets, Shisei counted how many knives he had left, taking note he had only four left on his belt. He kicked the table he was behind towards the two, hiding behind it as it moves. Once in a close range, he sent two knives at them, ongoing towards their chest and onto their head. The guild master getting hit directly though the other guild member moved off though got hit in the shoulder by the knife. Taking this as an opportunity, Shisei moved quickly towards the last one, grabbing the knife from his shoulder and pulling it out before circling around and slicing his neck. This being a close call as the man was about to cast another spell, but was not able to keep up with speed that Shisei hit him.

Shisei smirked, looking at the damage he had done to the guild, collected his knives and before he left he grabbed some of the money that the guild had racked up. On his way back he thought about his training, knowing it is near perfect though still needs to be constantly refreshed, but for now, his training for his knives was complete.

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Re: New Skills, Old Skills: Part 1 - Knives [10]

Post by Shisei on March 1st 2016, 10:22 pm

Bump - Completed, added some pictures and theme.


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Re: New Skills, Old Skills: Part 1 - Knives [10]

Post by Itazuki on March 5th 2016, 10:44 pm

Not a bad story, at all. Except that it was a bit too long, lol; but I understand, it was part of Shisei's training. Saw a couple of mistakes, but they tend to be nothing more than a small dot in this story. Very decent and very thoughtful, so I guess you deserve more than an average guy would. Good luck, keep writing.

10/15 points.

Awarded too.


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Re: New Skills, Old Skills: Part 1 - Knives [10]

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