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Guild Arc. Shattered Sanctuary - Chapter I: Introduction

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Guild Arc. Shattered Sanctuary - Chapter I: Introduction

Post by neighty on February 17th 2016, 5:12 pm


Crocus! Arriving at the Capital of Fiore!

Shiro had finally reached Crocus, after his victorious scream upon getting outside the train he quickly rushed and gave himself a tour around the town, getting excited about each and every detail in the city. Whether it was the Magical Shops, the unusual design of some of the buildings or the talking cats with angel wings. As he was strolling around with a huge smile on his face, he came across Crocus Park. Shiro was so overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery he had just witnessed that his eyes turned to fire as he started shouting with his arms raised up and his fists tightly clinched. "Grrrrrrr".... Shiro stopped for a moment as depression could be seen all over his face. "Eeeeeeehhhhhhh" he looked at his stomach and put both his hands over it "I'm so hungry". He looked around and spotted a small stand selling all kinds of food. He quickly rushed inside as he found himself stuck in the entrance because of the huge bag of gold he was carrying. The sound of metal could be heard from the bag as he sat down and dropped it next to  him, making the other costumers stare at him with a surprised and confused look. An old woman handed him a menu with a smile on her face as he thanked her while nodding. Reading through the catalogue he couldn't reach to a conclusion and started scratching his head seeming to be in a difficult position. "Do you need help with your choice young man?" she said to him keeping her arms wrapped together. "Mmmm... it's okay, I will have one portion of everything". Shiro answered as the granny looked at him happily. In no time he had finished everything as the other costumers kept on staring at him as if he was an alien. "Hey Granny, what do I offer you?" he asked as the old woman handed him the check with an evil grin. Shiro took out his small wallet as he saw nothing but pennies inside. He stared at it with silence and reached to a conclusion. "Well... I got nothing". He stood up and opened his huge cloth bag and grabbed a golden ring with great value and threw it at the cook. She couldn't believe what had just happened as Shiro had already left before she could thank him and could be seen walking away while saying out loud "Thanks for the meal Granny!". Shiro went back to his tour as he came across a board with a list of jobs, he stood there for a moment and started reading through them. A random man passing by looked at the young man reading the flyers and wondered who he is. "Hey young man, are you a new member of our beloved Guild?" Shiro turned at the man while pointing at himself, "Are you talking to me?" he said and the man nodded. "Ahh... no I am not in any Guild, I am a nomad" Shiro replied with a smile on his face. "Oh... you need to be in a Guild to take any of these jobs you know", "Ehhhhhh?!??!?! No way! What am I gonna do now?" Shiro remained on the same spot as he swiftly found an answer to his problems. "I got it!" He said while bumping his fist to his palm. "Hey Mister do you know where the Guild named Shattered Sanctuary is?" "Ahh yes, we are right here... the Guild is here" The man said while showing him the spots on a public map next to the board. "I see... arigato Mister!" Shiro said excitedly while waving at the man and running towards the location.

A few moments later...

"I think I'm lost, maybe I will ask someone for directions" Shiro said as his eyes turned to a man passing by. "Hey dude, do you know where the Guild named Shattered Sanctuary is?". The dark haired person pointed behind him as he said with a calm voice "It's that way, next to the Hospital" and kept on walking. "Arigato!", Shiro said and started running till he reached the Guild's Gates.

Shattered Sanctuary! A new adventure begins!

Shiro was standing frozen in front of the door, he started trembling with excitement. As a huge fan of dragons, at the sight of the dragon themed "S" of Shattered Sanctuary he started screaming and jumping around as he looked at it up close, noticing each and every detail of that letter. He started smelling the metal when the door suddenly opened with force hitting him in the face and throwing him back. "Oi Shisei!" A young man with blond long hair appeared as he shouted at the man Shiro previously encountered. He then looked at the ground as Shiro was laid down standing still. "Oi are you okay?" Shiro quickly jumped up right in front of the worried man. "Are you the Guild Master?" he asked anxiously as the blonde man grinned while picking his nose in a boasting way "Well no, but it's normal that you thought so since I am so strong" While the man was talking, Shiro ignored him as an overwhelming feeling sent a chill down his spine. A feeling that he had felt before in the past. "I am Ryoichi, the fastest mage in tow-" He was interrupted as Shiro did a front flip above him while patting the man's head in a rude way. Oi what do you think you're doing?!?!?!" By the time he landed he was standing inside the Guild, all the Guild members stared at him confused where as he spotted a specific person right away, locking his eyes on the man with the red cloak sitting on a chair with a troubled look on his face. "Are you the Guild Master?" he said with a determined and fierce look in his eyes. The red coated man grinned after staring into Shiro's eyes. Another member of the guild with long azure locks and pale blue hair looked at his eyes interested. "Itazuki Hara, at your servi-" Itazuki was unable to finish his sentence when Shiro charged at him with a punch shouting. "I challenge you to a duel!" Itazuki barely raised his hand in front of his face blocking the incoming fist. "Tsh" a weak and disappointing slapping sound echoed through the hall. He looked at Shiro with an ironic and intimidating look on his face. "Get outta here" he said while placing his hand in front of Shiro's face, he channelled pressure on his index finger with his middle one, then released his index finger, hitting Shiro in the forehead. The sound of contact was so strong it sounded as if a wale did a belly flop on the sea. He was sent flying through the door, bumping into Ryoichi mid ways as both of them were sent flying. Ryoichi flew side ways crashing on the wall as Shiro kept flying outside the Guild for a few hundred meters. Ryoichi rubbed his head as he shouted at Itazuki "Kusoooooo! Oi Ita! That hurt!" he said angrily as Itazuki smiled awkwardly at him apologising. The rest of the members couldn't help it but laugh, just two minutes ago the mood in the guild wasn't very warm but with Shiro's arrival that changed slightly. At the same time, he was laid on the ground feeling dizzy as he stared at the sky. Meanwhile a man with green eyes and glasses reading a book interrupted the laughters "Hey is that kid okay?" Shiro jumped in the Guild again with the same determined look, bright fire in his eyes impossible not to notice. Ryoichi punched him on the back of his head making him crush down the floor with his head buried underneath. "Oi knock it off!" Shiro pulled it out and looked at Itazuki and Ryoichi, blood was dripping from his forehead, his eyes however wouldn't tilt. He bowed at Itazuki, leaving everyone surprised and confused at the same time. "May I join your Guild?" "EEEEHHHHHHH?!?!?!?!" Everyone in the room yelled as Itazuki reached out to help him get up. "Sure! I like you" He said with a smile on his face. Shiro was overjoyed as he grabbed Itazuki's hand to stand up. Silence kept for a mere moment as... "CRUSH!" the sound of a broken clay cup made everyone turn towards a young lady with crimson hair tied in ribbons. "Itazuki you can't be serious! He just tried to hit you!" "Yeah we can't just let him join us!... What if he tries to assassinate you in your sleep?" Itazuki started laughing loudly "Not in a million years. After all I am sure he had his reasons, no man with such eyes can have bad intentions... Speaking of intentions, who are you and why did you come here?" Itazuki asked wondering what answer he would get. "I am Shiro , I am a nomad and I challenge strong fighters in duels! had heard about a Guild Master, one of the strongest mages out there so I wanted to challenge you for a long time. I guess the rumours really are true!" "I'm not that strong" Itazuki said in a flattered tone while scratching his head. "I also heard you need to be in a Guild to do missions and if I am going to be part of a crew, I wanna be the cap no matter what! So if I were to win you, I would take over as Guild Master" Shiro subconsciously tightened his fist during the handshake, his aura was frightening and everybody could sense it. While no one took him seriously, everyone couldn't help it but feel the weight in those words considering how serious and determined he was. "It's good to have such strong willed members aboard, good to have you with us" Itazuki said smiling as Shiro clinched his fist and  stretched his arm towards him. Reflexively, Itazuki bumped fists with Shiro at the same moment. He opened his eyes widely as Shiro grinned at him, who then turned towards Ryoichi. As blood was dripping from his forehead down his chin, his eyebrows and the scar on one of them made him look intimidating. He smiled at him and bumped his fist with Ryoichi too. "Hahahaha I like you,  but you're ten billion years away from beating me! Let alone Ita, buahahaha!" Shiro would glare and growl at Ryoichi as they would bump foreheads.

"Now now, calm down! I think one misunderstanding is enough, meet the others too. Angelise, Kogara come here". Angelise would approach Shiro as he would slightly bow down and reach out his hand in a gentle and romantic way waiting for her to hand him her palm. "Pleasure to meet you mademoiselle" She would glare at him with her hands folded under her chest. "Don't think I won't find out if you have any ill intentions, I'll be watching you" She would then swiftly turn around and leave as the man holding a book would turn his eyes towards her while fixing his glasses "Don't think you can just leave and chuck up the mess you made" "Ehhhh" She would turn at Shiro and frown, walking towards the spilled coffee to take care of it. The green eyed person would look at Angelise and tilt his head sideways. Sighing for a moment, he would close his book and get up making his way towards Shiro. "I am Michael, nice to meet you" he said in a calm and cosy tone, as he would shake Shiro's hand. "Ah same here!" Shiro would say with a big smile, shaking Michael's hand. (What is this feeling?) He thought while looking at Michael's hand (This person.... I can't understand his colour) as they would let go of each other's hand, Michael would move towards the bar "Would you like anything to drink?" He'd ask while cleaning a glass with a blanket. "Ah sure, a glass of milk. Thanks for asking by the way!" Shiro would say already feeling comfortable with everyone as his eyes would turn towards the woman with the azure locks. She was walking up the stairs, attempting to avoid Shiro. He would chuckle just a bit as he would jump high and balance on the ledge of the second floor, appearing in front of the shy lady. "Nice to meet you" he'd say with a friendly smile and eyes closed. "Tsk, weak" She would turn around and go somewhere away from him. "Oi what's up with her?" Shiro would say irritated as he would stick out his tongue while pulling down the skin below his eye, (Muuuuuu, baaaaka!) he would think and jump down the stairs, landing on a chair in the bar. Michael would hand him the glass of milk with a smile. Shiro would grab it and drink it instantly leaving a white moustache above his lips. "Arigato gosai masu!" he grinned like a 5 year old when given a lollipop. "Hey Michael-san, is there anyone I haven't met yet... from the Guild?" Michael was already reading his book, without changing the course of his eyes, he would reply hesitantly. "Ah yes, but don't worry, you will meat them when they come back" Michael would fix his glasses. "OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!! What is this???!?!?!" Michael would raise his eyebrow, but without curiosity he would turn back to his book, Itazuki and Shiro would go to the entrance as they would see Ryoichi looking at the big bag of gold and jewels with his jaw touching the ground. His eyes had transformed into Beri.

Itazuki would be stunned too as Shiro would laugh "Pramuahahahahha, these treasures are collected from places around Fiore, took me a lot to gather but since I am in the Guild now I guess I'll donate it all!" Itazuki's eyes would turn to Beri too and his smile would shine brighter than the sun. "Oi oi, why didn't you come sooner Shiro?" He would asking patting him manly on the back. Manly enough that Shiro would be buried a few meters under the ground. "Oh crap, are you okay?" he'd ask worried while pulling Shiro out of the ground by his leg. Meanwhile Michael would think to himself (Pra...muahahaha?) chuckling with his palm in front of his mouth. Laughters echoing from the Guild could be heard far away as a man with with a black cloak and emotionless eyes on top of a building would stare at Shiro. He would then turn around and vanish in thin air.

P.S I know Shisei has already left the Guild but I don't know if he got into a fight with any members or if there were tears when he left, so if i wrote a story about joining AFTER he left I wouldn't know the psychology of all the members Razz.

Last edited by neighty on February 17th 2016, 5:29 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : So there won't be misunderstandings)

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Re: Guild Arc. Shattered Sanctuary - Chapter I: Introduction

Post by Itazuki on February 17th 2016, 6:18 pm

Uhm. I don't wanna feel like I'm being rude or anything, but don't you think all of this should have been roleplayed instead of you putting out on the table, just out of the blue? Plus, you did not ask anyone about their permissions of using their characters, including mine. And then we have got another problem, your past is past. Your past money remains in the past or in the history, this roleplay story will not earn any rewards; I'm afraid.


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