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Boy who wished to become a God (W.I.P)

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Boy who wished to become a God (W.I.P)

Post by Michael on February 16th 2016, 5:23 am

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Life is not fair. Life is not perfect. Humans are beings who are far from being perfect, yet they remain as one of most dominant creatures in the world. What could make such imperfect beings be so dominant? Is it a magic? No dragons are more powerful. Is it in numbers? No there are more ants in this world. What actually makes humans dominant is their potential. Latent ability to evolve with every passing second and become stronger. However, humans lived for centuries same, with little change. A lot of people stopped thinking outside of the box. They had rules that they believed in no matter what. No matter how stupid some were they still believed.

And so did Michael believe in them, raised by not one but two noble families. Lucifer family from the north and Dracul family from far northeast. His mother was kind towards him, a true lady of a noble family who gave him everything he could want. On another side his father was opposite. At this time, Michael could not understand his father, yet. At the young age, he was trained by his father not to become a wizard, but to become something that can surpass what a wizard is. His father did not care about his childhood, nor did he care about his life. All that mattered were experiments to create the ultimate weapon, transcendent being.

Because of that and hidden legacy of Dracul family, hidden library of unspeakable horrors, darkness as well as light and hope, Michael was able to develop a special ability that no one ever had. A Strange type of magic that enchants body. Michael called it Ascension because he wanted to make his father proud. His father cared only about progress so Michael had no chance to have friends, to spend happy childhood growing outside, playing with kids. He was like a machine being more and more advanced by the day.

Despite all that Michael did not hate his father, his father tried to prove him something that was hard for Michael to understand at that age. Despite actions he still cared for his son, that is why his father never did any dangerous experiments with Michael that could endanger his life. But others did not have that luck to be the son of the main researcher. He wanted to reach something and he did not think a second about using humans for it. That led for him to be captured and Michael's father was imprisoned by Magic Council.

Becuase of that Michael was sent to his mother's house. House of Lucifer. There he met his cousin for the first time in his life. First cousin, a daughter of his mother's direct sister, was like a real sister to him. They were similar age and Michael finally had a chance to experience a normal childhood. For the first time in his life, he was truly happy and smile never left his face. After few carefree years with his mother and Lucifer family, there was an incident that occurred. His cousin was affected by something, dark and unknown.

Chapter I (Desperation)

Michael started to slowly loose his smile as his sister continued to decay more and more. No matter what or how he tried to help she could not get any better. Despite all that she was happy to just see him daily, to talk to him and spend time with him. However, this affected Michael even more in a negative way. No matter how much he acted as he is happy when he was with her, he could not hide his sadness and desperation. He even started to study what could it be. Many healers and wizards spoke that it's a rare illness that has no cure but Michael did not want to believe in that, however, no matter how much he did struggle he only fell down even deeper into the pit of desperation.

He stopped almost all of his activities and dedicated himself to study healing herbs and healing methods. He started to absorb all sorts of medicine ways he could learn. But despite that it was still not enough to find out what is wrong, and his close family member was about to shut down her life. Countless sleepless nights and restless mind that thought of hundreds and hundreds of ways to cure illness were still futile. As his desperation reached its peak, his sister noticed that Michael, not only did change but that he started to get absorbed too much into the search for a cure. As she realised that Michael is thinking too much she spoke.

"Things in this world usually turn out okay. There's no point in worrying about the future." At that moment as he saw her smile and bright nature. It was to him like he got blessed by angel himself. He knew that he has no right to bury himself into darkness, he knew that it was his own point of thinking that made him fall down like most of other people. He thought inside of the box, it was his first and last mistake. He smiled for the first time after a lot of time before he gave her a promise that he will find the truth and cure her. At that point, from that day, Michael was reborn as he started to think beyond the box about unorthodox and strange ways to reach what he needs.

Chapter II (Search)

Michael turned to his last hope, forbidden ways of magic, to attempt to find a way to find a root of his sisters problem and remove it so she could finally be free from her suffering and to be able to have a free life. Michael knew that he has to return to his old home to be able to find out this, to the house of Dracul. That did not go that well in her mother's eyes. She did not want to lose her son the same way she lost her husband. For him to follow the same path to be absorbed into such acts to reject everything else.

However, Michael's convictions remained unshattered. He wanted to study more about magic and there was not a single person in this world that could stop him. As he went to visit his sister he spent almost the whole day with her at the end telling her about his plans. Despite her not wanting him to burden himself with it. He did not wish to allow her to suffer her illness any longer.

Michael spoke of happy things wanting to give her as much as he could of a good time considering he won't be there for her daily anymore. In the end, he went outside on early morning before sunrise. As he observed dawn he said. "The truth is out there."

Michael traveled back to his old home. House of Dracul was pretty much left alone with few most loyal servants. Because of the incident with his father no one really wanted to step close to that place. However young Michael proved people other wise. He did not speak of experiments, he spent time helping people, using his great knowledge to heal others and give them advises and help in daily life. People started to love him and he finished preparing his first part of the plan. To remain seen but on another side unseen. Becuase of him being helpful and nice and kind no one would suspect him to do anything shady. So he studied inside of hidden library of Dracul family. He studied magics of ancient and secrets of old.

As time passed on Michael found out more secrets than his father did in his years of experiments. Michael was a genius who did not care about taboo however he cared about his methods. He never used humans in his experiments. The only human that was ever used in his experiments was he himself. Becuase of all that Michael had to train, a lot of training to create his body to become an ultimate vessel to be able to handle pressure and shock from spending countless sleepless nights working on a cure.
Despite having multiple warnings from his servants, who loved him far more than his father, he only returned their kindness with his own kindness. Always shrugging off their attempts with one sentence. "I just believe in my own body, that's all."

Chapter III (Revelation)

As Michael finally started to get a whole picture of how magic works in its finest details, learning about how Ancient Magic such as Dragon Slayer or God Slayer work, he would come to the conclusion that whatever is happening to his sister is not made from natural cause, but that it actually had traces of magic. He would quickly want to prove his theory as he collected his things and went towards the house of Lucifer in the middle of the night not even wanting to wait for morning to dawn.

As he arrived almost at dawn he noticed intruders on Lucifer's family land. He followed them up as he found out they were on task to kidnap a member of Lucifer family. Because his sister was weak she made a perfect target. Despite having few servants Lucifer family had no real bodyguards because it was peacefull family. However, Michael proved himself worthy as he progressed a lot when it came to not only a magic but martial arts as well. As he caught them only thing he found out was that they were a simple band not even worthy to have their names remembered. "How many people you killed, or how many you let live, it doesn't matter to me. You people incurred my wrath... That's reason enough, for you to meet your demise." As Michael spoke those first and last words towards kidnappers he went into a full assault which led to them to be overpowered making it look like almost easy to what he had done.

As Michael finished apperhending them he would quickly visit his sister to check on her condition. Despite all of medicine and magic, it was still not possible to make her feel better, however, this time, Michael caught a glimse of an idea what it was. Upon doing few harmless tests, he found out that his sister is cursed by some unknown type of ancient magic. This discovery made Michael gain hope as he finally knew what he has to work on from now on. After he spent few days being in the care of his sister and spending time with his family Michael once again decided to return back to the mansion of Dracul family to focus on his new discovery in an attempt to make the cure.

Michael spent few weeks researching, now what is considered a tabboo, for literally everyone. Only ones that could understand him were his servants with who he spent his time daily. However even they did not know every possible detail about Michael. He studied Dark Arts and finally thought of an idea. Despite spending countless days and weeks on searching for what curse it was, he found out another way to buy more time for his sister. He found a way to battle the curse using same Dark methods that were used to cast it.

Chapter IV (Darkness)

Michael locked himself away in hidden labaratory inside of basement of Dracul mansion where he started to study various ways of Dark Arts in order to better understand it. As much as it would bring him good, it was a tabboo for a reason. Despite him thinking outside of the box, he felt darkness acting like a snake around him. Dark Arts he studied started to consume his mind as many possibilities opened for Michael. However as much as he could he focused himself towards the way to deal with a curse.

In few weeks, Michael found a way to transfer life energy into lacrima which could be used to replenish someone's life force. However, he had no constant source of life force to take it from. After spending nights in nightmares being in the clutch of the things that should never be shown to normal people he found out something. A special section of Dark Arts allowed him to learn his own improvised way to create lesser demons with life force higher than what human could get him. Despite wanting to simply cut the chase and use human to take his or hers life force for lacrima to save his sister he remembered his sister's smile which kept him sanely.

Michael created his first demon, becuase of it being a lesser demon it was easy to control it. However Michael never cared will demon run around, all he wanted was his life force. As he started to process it took the time to transfer life force of a demon to lacrima. Michael would observe as the inactive body of demon gets consumed and turned into life force, getting stored inside special lacrima. However that is not something that was simple as a lot of effort and resources were taken. Michael also had an idea of how to attempt to create greater demons. However, he did not wish a risk from it to have demon go berserk and out of control. Especially because Magic Council who was already interested in him would most likely capture him.

As Michael finally finished storing life force into lacrima he quickly rushed towards his home, the house of Lucifer. He quickly spoke towards his mother and everyone that he has a way to help his sister to live her life easier, despite not being a cure he was happy that he at least made any progress. However no matter how much they might be happy they were also scared from Michael. The way he acted and how he explained. Darkness within him took its payment. After he finally installed a system that transferred life force from lacrima to his sister Michael passed out next to bed entering the comatose state for three days. However, he passed out from countless sleepless nights he had to pass to be able to make this as fast as possible.

After three days of constant sleep, Michael woke up in bed, however, this time, roles were opposite. His sister sat by his side waiting for him to wake up. She was tired and there was an immense amount of worry on her face. As two reunited with a hug and spending a day together outside Michael found out that his way only buys him time to attempt to find curse, it does not remove it. His sister got better however as time passed curse took out life force that Michael transfered. But that did not discourage Michael to continue to use Dark Arts, forced to break taboo because of his sister dwelling inside the darkness being pushed to move forward with a smile of his sister.

Chapter V (Divine Light)

It was a day like any other as Michael slowly went upside the dirty road reaching towards the gates of the house of Lucifer. It was his regular visit where he prepared next dose of life force for his sister. As he went inside he found her in rather a bad shape. It seemed like the curse is starting to get stronger, on that Michael had to react as he doubled the dose inside of lacrima. As life force started to transfer towards his sister he would smile towards her enjoying to see her getting better. His "medicine" worked and everyone was astonished by how he did it, or simply what he did to make it. Michael knew that it had to be a secret so he never spoke about it to anyone, not even his sister.

As the sun started to set behind the mountains in evening Michael spent the whole afternoon with his sister on balcony observing the sunset now Michael was more happy to see her smile than to observe scenery of what is going on. However on sudden notice she spoke. "You should not spend your entire life to search for a cure. You have your own life, you should live it while you still can." Her voice was shaken as she looked really worried about Michael since she knew him in the very core of his being. She knew that he is forcing himself on her but no matter what she tried Michael would always act like everything is alright and that he made progress.

His actions always made her smile and made her feel better but never to feel less worried about him. "I am going to remove that curse, I will find the truth and I will give you back your normal life." Michael spoke as stars could be seen in the sky, Sun was already behind mountains and Moon could be seen. She smiled as she replied with words that found interest in Michael's mind. "You should start to think about yourself and having to live your own life normaly. You sacrficed everything for me. Friends, love, everything you love and like... maybe this curse was sent to me by a god and there is no chance to remove it..." Sudden silence would start as she finished that sentence. Michael would look towards the sky as he spoke with a bright smile towards his sister. "If its the god himself who cursed you then I just have to become a god myself and remove it." She did not know did Michael just said a joke or was he serious. She was so moved that Michael plans to go over the limit against the world and even the gods for her sake that she started to cry. Tears would start to rain down from her eyes, down her cheecks and from her chin to her shirt. Michael started to do funny voice overs and acts in order to cheer her up as he, despite taking a few minutes to do so finally made her again to smile as he hugged her he spoke lowly towards her. "If it's just pain, I'll endure it."

Chapter VI (God Eater)

Michael actually took the idea of becoming a good a bit too serious. To him, that was nothing impossible. He did not think that god is something that far away. His open mind made him believe that it's possible to simply transcend humanity into godlike higher form. So he started to study things that are higher forms than humans. Such as dragons and deities. He started to collect all forms of information about how it actually works.

However, such a task is not something that can be achieved just by learning it from the books. Michael had an idea that he needs something that will simply make him transcend every human in terms of everything. Two closest ways to actually even understand such an idea came to him in view of dragons and deities. On other words in Dragon Slayer Magic and God Slayer Magic. Michael believed that if you reach the zenith of such magic things would become cleaner. However, he did not like nature of the dragons. Despite all of their knowledge and some even being kind to humans, still a higher number were just a plain monsters willing to hunt and destroy humans. So he turned towards the idea of God Slayer Magic.

Michael spent months in order to study and full realise how does God Slayer Magic even work. In the end, he was still not sure how to make it work. Regular God Slayer's use a certain element, with each element there is another element that has a weakness to it. So he thought, what is the use of element if it can be weak compared to other. So he got a better idea, why not create something that has no weak element, something that can transcend in its power the same way as the potential of his Ascension magic. And so it begain... Michael developed a tattoo for his God Slayer, a unique unorthodox method to give affinity of God Slayer magic to plain and regular magical power with no element.

Such God Slayer magic had potential, however, it had some flaws that other God Slayer magic did not. He could not consume an element of his own becuase he had none. But he did not mind for such trivial matters. As always Michael found a way to transform weakness into strenght and so did he formed a bond between him and his two magic, Ascension and God Slayer. Such a new way to make use of God Slayer magic made him happy as he found something completely new that can help him in his task. A new magic which he decided to name... A God Eater.

Chapter VII (New Path)

As time passed Michael decided to change his location from the northern mansion of Dracul family to somewhere where he could gather more information about his objectives and as well to test himself in order to progress up more. He had no use of Dracul house anymore becuase he already researched everything that could help him there. And so he went inside of the capital city of Crocus.

Michael had an idea to find more refined wizards in order to test his power and with so he planned to find out how guilds work. His path was not a simple one as no one before him went on it. No one on his bright mind would attempt to become a god. But that does not mean that it can not be possible. And so Michael gathered information, running away from girls who found him as idol and love, from time to time. In the end he did not only just find information about wizards and so, he found something far more dangerous... Magic Council.

Michael found out that his greatest foe would be Magic Council rather fast and simple. Organization such as that could not allow someone to break tabboo and get out unpunished. Michael knew that and he had a brave idea. Something that was on the border of brave and insane. Michael decided to continue his research in the middle of Crocus in front of Magic Council's eyes. What could be a better way to hide from the threat if not to be right under its nose.

However Michael made one mistake, or so he though in begining. He joined a guild despite not feeling so good about the idea of being a regular wizard. His new path was strange and weird as he found new people. He found two rather weird dragon slayers. And few other members and he finally realised that Magic Council was on the move against him. However, Michael was once again few stops in front of them all. He did not take long to learn that Magic Council used Guild within to gather information about Michael. And so it did happen. One of dragon slayers was saved by Michael's indirect hand. And he told Michael that he was under inspection. Despite great acting around it, Michael knew it as well and so he prepared traps.

Michael was preparing a dose for his sister and he could not allow anyone to interrupt his work. He even went as far to capture few of servants of Magic Council in order to finish it. He even attacked members of the guild. However being it in self-defense did not bring a lot of benefits as he got captured in the end. However not before he manage to send new dose to his sister via his servant.

Magic Council is law in the world of magic. They do not stand someone that can be a threat to them. And such as that they could not let Michael remain unchecked. Some of the members were greedy for Michael's work. Some were afraid of his meddle of Dark Arts and some even offered Michael to work under their wings. However being as he has Michael rejected everything. However Michael had a backup plan of his backup plan and he got outside being released few days after being captured from Magic Council. No one knows why or how except main members and chairman.

Michael now looks to his new path with great hope and interest. Having new members in the guild, both male and female friends he did not have before made his life a lot more interesting. However he did not forget his desire, his path to what he has to do and why. He spends every day in preparation, preparation for a day when he will finally find the truth.


Michael is a genius. A young man with no fear of darkness and no hate for light. He seeks the way to transcend into something powerful enough to be able to remove a curse while searching for a cure in the process. Despite being on the ropes many times, wanting to end his desperation and misery of not being able to achive anything Michael still moved on. The bright smile of his sister shines over him more than the sun above his head. The desire to reach the end of his path which he was forced to go is neverending. Such as that Michael believes in the power of possibility. Everything is possible and there is nothing that can not be done or achived. Michael does not look at humans weakness to dragons as something that is bad. He believes in the paradox that such weakness can bring even greater strength. His potential remains limitless like ideas in his mind. His life of solitude brings him little happiness that a normal person his age would desire to have. He rejected everything in order to bring himself to be able to do unthinkable and unbelivable. On words of others who badmouth him saying that he is breaking the peace and bringing suffering, he has only one sentence to say. "What you think of as peace can be painful to others." He is the boy... who wished to become a god. And he will still chase it, for the sake of his family.

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Re: Boy who wished to become a God (W.I.P)

Post by Itazuki on February 20th 2016, 10:31 pm

Wat. I don't read entire books based on your history and past; ain't no one got time fo' this.

I kid; I'll read it in intervals.


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