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Yang Xiao Long

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Yang Xiao Long

Post by Yang on February 14th 2016, 9:39 pm

Basic Information
Full Name: Yang Xiao Long

Nickname(s): N/A
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 1st June
Rank: D-Rank
Guild: N/A

Her long blonde hair becomes lighter in color at the tips and flows in a loose and messy manner, with a few locks sticking out and a small cowlick on top of her head. She has a pale complexion and lilac eyes. Her hair seems to burst into flames the longer she fights.

Yang wears a collared cream top over a black shirt, and over top of the former is a black article of clothing that consists of a raised collar, a strap across her collar bone, and mid-length sleeves that are gold at the end. Around her neck is a pendant that has a smooth, round, purple gem set in a round piece of metal that has a point coming off the left and right sides and a small oval shape coming from the bottom.

She has a pair of crooked black belts with gold accents across her hips, and a purple piece of fabric with lilac lace around the edges hangs from her left hip. She has a dark gray article of clothing coming down from under her cream top that is either a mini-skirt or part of her black shirt. It has vertical belted straps going down into her thigh-high black stockings, which have her burning heart emblem printed in yellow on the outer side of each leg near the top and a row of four gold pyramid studs above each knee.

She wears a pair of black boots with a series of belted straps across them. On the back of each boot at the top is a large white ribbon tied into a bow.


Yang is known to be a cheerful, energetic and bright lady. People who know her, know that she is too carefree ad flippant, frequently making sarcastic comments and jokes even in the heat of a battle and often taking combat and hostile situations extremely lightly, particularly when faces with fores she knows she can bear easily and who don't pose a threat to her.

She enjoys fighting and addresses her opponents with a smile, showcasing her confidence in herself and ability. She does not take combat seriously, only caring when she deems her opponent a threat or if she is angered, such as when her hair is damaged. Yang is additionally shown to be very optimistic, often adopting a "glass half full" mentality and acting with enthusiasm towards even the bleakest of events.

Additionally, she enjoys having fun and dislikes being bored. She is very sociable and enjoys having conversations and making new friends. Enjoying making puns and joking around with her friends, to make light of serious situations, though doesn't care if she doesn't get any laughs from them.

Despite her fun-loving demeanor, Yang is deceptively mature, insightful and worldly-wise, and is capable of holding a serious discussion at length and offering intelligence and thoughtful advice. She is also very driven and persistent, particularly when she wants to know something.

Yang is very confident in her looks, though this means she is somewhat vain, and very protective of her hair. She goes into a rage when her hair is touched or pulled, especially if someone pulls some of it out.

Skills and Abilities
Magical Abilities:

Fire Magic - Yang mainly uses her magic to augment her close combat fighting ability. She uses the magic for mostly its explosive ability, though also using it to burn her enemies when fighting with her fists or gauntlets.

Fire Magic Spells:
Flare Punch - She punches the air when using this spell and sends out small balls of fire which would burst on impact or when she wants it to. She also uses this to cause her own speed to increase by sending them behind her and making them burst, using the force of the bursts to move faster.

Phoenix Body - Using this, Yang can cause flames in emanate from her body, this allows her to augment her ability in close combat. When she hits her enemy she would be able to burn them as well and do damage to them. This can tire her out quickly, though the flames won't do any direct damage to her body, it can exhaust her quickly.

Volcanic Burst - She uses this to do an omnidirectional attack around her, a flame sphere is sent out around here which then explodes outwards. Damaging anything and anyone that is near her during this burst. She can also use this to punch the ground or someone and cause a bust of fire to go outward and damage the people within the radius of the blast.

Special Skills/Traits:

Kickboxing/Boxing - She is very agile and good in close combat fighting with her opponents. She has powerful punches and can cause substantial damage when and if she hits her opponent.

Gauntlet Wielding - She wields gauntlets on her hands to make her punches more powerful, walking around with them on most of the time or hooking them onto her belt so that she can put them on quickly during a fight.

Yang was born into a detached family, having a half sister. Her mother and her father had not been together all the time, Yang having also a step-mother who had died a few years back. Yang's mother was not always around, being in a guild and working most of the time away from home.

She and her half sister grew up with both their parents being wizards, part of a guild in the Duran Town. Once old enough, she and her sister had gone out to the woods with their parents, going on their first mission with them, though this did not end well, almost getting her sister killed.

After seeing how she almost got her sister kill, Yang left Duran Town, travelling to Crocus in search of a guild where she could meet new people and get stronger.

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Re: Yang Xiao Long

Post by Wesaam on February 14th 2016, 10:52 pm


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