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4th Generation Dragon Slayers!

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4th Generation Dragon Slayers!

Post by neighty on February 13th 2016, 12:49 pm

Name of your idea: 4th Generation Dragon Slayers

Details: Similar to 3rd generation Dragon Slayers, this type of dragon slayer has been both trained by a dragon and had a Dragon Lacrima implanted into them. The difference is, the dragon's element/power is different from the element/power of the Lacrima. For example someone who had been trained by a Fire dragon and had a Lacrima with the attribute of lightning implanted into him would be considered a 4th gen dragon slayer. The potential of his power regarding the dragon training (fire dragon on this example) would be able to be developed to its full extent. However, the Lacrima of lightning dragon would be less effective on that fire dragon trained dragon slayer, compared to a lightning dragon trained dragon slayer. In other words, 4th gen dragon slayer IS stronger than 1st and 2nd (if in this forum 1st and 2nd are considered weaker than 3rd), but weaker than 3rd, well weaker only in total progression, the fuse of  elements could end up very powerful.

Time of implementation: NOW!

Will it make FTO better? I think it will bring a new element regarding Fairy tail in this forum rp and many will want to try it out. On the other hand, it might be a bit broken (can end up overpowered or underpowered) however with the restriction of "use abilities oly listed in ur bio", I believe this problem can be dealt with Smile.

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Re: 4th Generation Dragon Slayers!

Post by Michael on February 13th 2016, 6:14 pm

As this is not following cannon stright up in everything we here do not have generations like it works in original one. Allow me to explain it in details. You have same exact chance to rank and power up your dragon slaying magic to full end game (Dragon Force) despite being trained by dragon or having implemented lacrima. On other side only way to gain double element is to manage to consume other element and fuse it with yourself which acts like double edged sword. You either manage to do it or you get sick and become useless for rest of battle.

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