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The Joker.

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The Joker.

Post by Shin on February 12th 2016, 9:14 pm

Basic Information

Full Name: Shin Kisame.
Nickname(s): The Joker, Clown, Idiot's biggest face.
Gender: Male.
Date of Birth: 11th February.
Age: 19.
Rank: C-rank.
Guild: N/A.


Shin's appearance very much resembles a clown. He wears off the paint of a jester; making im closely resemble as one. His idea of joking around comes due to this very fact. His pale color of the skin makes an overall frightening appearance causing people to think that this man is not from the Earth. The pointy nose adds even a more of a feature to making him a complete jester; or a clown. His hair being dyed green and him wearing the paint of a jester clearly provides a vey cary view of this man; at the very finest and closest look can you imagine his real face, that is hidden well behind those annoying paint-faces he creates and makes. His body on the other hand, doesn't feel very heavy. He's quite slim and doesn't have a lot muscles pulled up over his body; the figure is rather very normal.
The Joker's favorite color is purple and hence his clothes; which usually are tattered and torn into very small holes and pieces, come in different colors but purple is always shown to be a part of it. At times, he implicitly wears the purple colored dress as an overall outfit.

The Joker.:


His personality utterly is different according to the situations he face; he's a maniac. A brilliant fool; and most of all, he's the biggest idiot on the planet that poses no threat but enjoys killing people brutally and with all honesty. His logic is rather flawed and can't compared to a normal human being; he's a psycho who at times loves pranks but on the other hand is completely non-human too. He is indeed a human being however he is nothing as close to a normal human being. Precious persona's glow from the spectacular painter. A word of sustainance is that he loves killing and would literally do anything to do it. Plotting revenge isn't his thing. He's not a guy with a plan; at some way he is. But he's overall a freak.

Skills and Abilities

Blast Magic:

Blast magic is a rather very explosive form of magic. It causes an eruption of ethernanos to a specific location causing that location to be burnt out. The weakness the Joker has as of now is that he can only form one explosion at a particular moment. Once that explosion is set off, only then he can create other explosions. His magic is loved by him every moment. He simply adores it. The Joker has shown the ability to generate explosions in places which can be several meters from him, something which is achieved by moving one of his open hands towards the area he wants to detonate.

Blast Magic Spells:

  1. Pin-point boom:

    The Joker pin-points a location with his finger as he releases ethernanos to it. Causing a huge boomed up explosion on that specific location. It can vary in size.

  2. Unique destruction:

    With this spell, The Joker can put a trap of ethernanos onto a specific location and then blast it off when he feels right. The downgrade to this spell is that unless it is set off, he cannot use any other explosion.

  3. Explosive Aura:

    Dying is a wonderful job; with this spell Joker sets his own body into blasts covering a whole big area. This is usually done to threaten people.

  4. Aura of Boom!

    In this spell, the Joker releases an explosive aura that pushes the enemy behind and if it continues to come closer, the aura sets off into explosions. However, the Joker is remained alright due to the fact that the Joker has the aura to save himself and negate the actual effects of the boom.


What happens when you fail to realize that your jokes are very bad? Well, sit back and relax. Cause' a story is about set off. A story about a good clown turns into a back joker. Ehm, so where to start? Ah yes; right.

So it was back, actually really back. He was 11 by that time, and I'm talking about the Joker, alright. Funny shows, comedian, rumbing and doing various idiotic stuff that he thought were amusing and extremely funny. However there was a slight simple and little mistake; the jokes were actually funny or more humorous for only him. The people hated them and tomatoes were shown all over his face. Ruptured and bruised at times. His skin was more like left-for-dead. He was definitely sad about how things were proceeding.

But this guy...He never gave up and continued to fight through the harsh and cruel things that the people did. Oh man, poor guy. What's more is that he had to face his father every day. Oh god, the father was a very angry man, a strict one too; but that lazy old man had no work and didn't intend to find as well. He's the reason the clown had to become a clown. I mean c'mon you can't live without money, now can you? It was all his father's fault! Trust me. Well there he was. Living the life which was his hell. Shin made weird jokes everyday and got himself beaten up and bruised up by both his family and the people. It was tiring now...

The big part comes now. Shin grew tired with all the fuss; and he tried to stand up for himself this time. GEtting beaten up again, now with a razor. He had his mouth implicitly torn off...more like he had scratches over it. But with his little training he had been doing when ever he had find time regarding the blast magic, he eradicated his only family i.e his father from the universe.

And that is exactly where he named himself "Joker". Someone whose jokers were so bad that he had to be beaten up, he named himself Joker to take revenge. Revenge not by killing all those who did bad things, but doing destruction. The only life force he had was to burn the world and put it away for ever and ever. Joker now roams the world with his scary and frightening looks. He tried learning the magic with even further intensity. The booms he hears are music to his ears. His journey is rather continued with the flow. Whatever happens will be due to the people of Fiore now that he has entered it. Why so serious Smile?

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Re: The Joker.

Post by Wesaam on February 13th 2016, 4:56 pm


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