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Dread Raid

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Dread Raid

Post by Michael on February 11th 2016, 9:55 pm

Dread Raid

Guild Name: Dread Raid
Guild Master Name: Unknown, code name Overlord
Type: Dark Guild
Members: N/A

Location: Location of main HQ is unknown to anyone except members of main body of guild that are higher ranking officers that work directly under Guild Master. Guild has multiple subdivisions and bases all across the country and it remains as one of strongest Dark Guilds in existance.

Strongest Wizard: Guild Master

Intentions: Dread Raid is one of strongest Dark Guilds and by so main unit and core of guild does not work lower tasks and simple rebel acts against law. They are only used for high risk missions for assassinations and destruction. Many subdivisions of Dread Raid work almost like separate Dark Guild under Dread Raid and higher officers of Dread Raid act like commanders. Main purpose of Dread Raid is to serve Dark King and follow his will of laying waste to world in one way or another.

Recruitment: Everyone who wishes to follow will of Dark King is allowed to join. You will be first starting in subdivisions of guild. To become core of guild and become high ranking officer and gain access to everything you wish to do you have to pass test and pleadge loyality, rogues will be hunted and killed on sight by other members.

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