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Magic Shop.

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Magic Shop.

Post by Itazuki on August 28th 2014, 12:26 am

All of the magic's prices are given below, you may see that there are a few magics not given. Its because they cannot be purchased with points. The only way to get them is by donating. All of these magics should be purchased and then written in the biographies for official approval.

  1. Dragon Slayer Magic:

    Requirements: 500 points.

  2. Runic Magic:

    Requirements: 125 points.

  3. Telekinesis Magic:

    Requirements: 100 points

  4. Requip, The Knight:

    Requirements: 250 points alongside with 2 outfits of the user's choice. (only basic armors, nothing extraordinary)

  5. Requip, The Gunner:

    Requirements: 150 Points

  6. Requip, Generic:

    Requirements: 50 Points, note that this requip can only make you capable of summoning one weapon or one type of clothes. Neither the weapon or the clothes should have any special power.

  7. Teleportation Magic:

    Requirements: 175 points.

  8. Darkness Magic.

    Requirements: 200 points.

  9. Gravity Magic:

    Requirements: 500 points.

  10. Letter magic:

    Requirements: 50 points.

  11. Bullet Magic:

    Requirements: 50 points.

  12. Celestial Magic:

    Requirements: 125 points alongside with 2 keys of the user's choice. (only basic keys, nothing extraordinary)

  13. Take-over Magic (Animal Soul):

    Requirements: 120 Points [Just to gain the ability, each form will require a different amount of points.]

  14. Take-over Magic (Beast Soul):

    Requirements: 175 Points [Just to gain the ability, each form will require a different amount of points.]

  15. Take-over Magic (Satan Soul):

    Requirements: 250 Points [Just to gain the ability, each form will require a different amount of points.]

  16. Heavenly Body Magic:

    Requirements: 500 points.

  17. God slayer magic:

    Requirements: 500 points.

  18. Nullification Magic:

    Requirements: 400

  19. Ascension Magic:

    Requirements: 400.

  20. Arc of time:

    Requirements: 500 points.

  21. Archive Magic:

    Requirements: 80.

  22. Illusion Magic:

    Requirements: 150.

  23. Air Magic:

    Requirements: 200.

  24. Plant Magic:

    Requirements: 180.

  25. Giant Magic:

    Requirements: 350 points.

  26. Ice Magic:

    Requirements: 300 points.

  27. Blast magic:

    Requirements: 250.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me.

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