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Gorman Lair

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Gorman Lair

Post by Itazuki on January 9th 2016, 9:02 pm

Mission name: Gorman Lair.

Mission details: A town very near to crocus's north, within its borders has been attacked for the past few days. The weather has been changing drastically. One day a heavy rain occurs while the other day a seemingly scorching heat is produced filling everyone in the need of profound amount of water; followed up by very heavy amounts of snow that has caused an insane amount of damage to this town. The name of this town is crombol town. It is not a very famous town due to its old buildings, however it has its place on the map.

Further more people of that town had seen some strange creatures using different magics that produced water, fire and a bit of lightning too; assuming it is the basic elemental magics. A scout had guts and followed one of the creature where he saw this gigantic liar covered with different things. The look was indescribable. Upon reaching the entrance, the scout show some very strange things. Huge amounts of ice and fire burning out of them. This was no normal place; the town is in grieve danger. A request is sent to everyone to eliminate this liar so that the town can be free from these bad creatures. They also don't seem to talk.

The Creatures:

  • 5, B-rank strange shaped creatures. Three of them use fire while one of them uses Water and the last one uses Wind magic.
  • 10 C-rank creatures situated within the hall of the liar. They use lightning, fire, lightning, water, earth, earth, water magic. While the rest of those use wind magic.
  • 20 D-ranks that can only use Fire Magic.
  • Boss: A huge horn shaped creature that has bulging muscles and incredibly strong aura. He has a magic that is extremely powerful. It has all of the elemental magic and a variation of wind magic as well, Air Magic. In a liar like where he is, air magic is dangerous for whoever fights him. As the whole liar could be destroyed with his power.

Mission reward: 19 points.

Mission rank: A-ranked mission.

Request by: The town of Crombol.


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