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Special Titles and Positions

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Special Titles and Positions

Post by Itazuki on January 6th 2016, 6:40 pm

Special Titles and Positions

Guild Masters

Guild Masters are the Leaders of a Guild. They aren't always the strongest member but they tend to be the embodiment of what the Guild stands for.

To become a Guild Master, one must be of B rank or higher and be active regularly. Essentially the Guild masters will be given one unique spell that is capable of great destruction; however it may only happen if the guild is long enough and if we feel the need to give it to the guild-master.

Magic council

Seated members of the Magic Council are the most highly respected and revered of all among law enforcement. To register for a seat one must be of B rank, while registering for Chairman requires one to be an A rank wizard. While for Rune Knights this would simply be a promotion, members of other guilds will be required to quit their guild to claim a seat. Members of dark guilds cannot claim a seat on the Magic Council. Independent guilds that have yet not been approved cannot as well claim a seat in a Magic council. The Magic council is, for now, played by the administrators until someone of the a valued ranked member shows up.

Ten Wizard Saints

For a wizard to be inducted the title of Wizard Saint is an honor that cannot be surpassed. They are highly regarded as the strongest of all wizards, surpassing virtually all others in fame and renown. To apply for the position of Wizard Saint one must be of S rank; this includes initial starting stats. Those from dark guilds cannot become Wizard Saints. Once however a Wizard saint has been honored into the position of a Wizard saint, he or she at all times will face dangers that will come ahead. A mere mage can challenge a wizard at any time and take the title and tons of points from him as well. The advantage a wizard saint has is that he gets much more points when doing missions than a normal mage would get.


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