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Yosuke's Training

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Yosuke's Training

Post by Yosuke on January 5th 2016, 4:47 pm

The purple haired boy was sitting in the middle of his room, his legs crossed as he was having his hands together. He inhaled slightly as he tried to focus electricity into both of his hands and then wave them left and right, he was trying to send a wave of electricity forward though he failed and as a result he just had some muscular spasms on his hands. A bit disappointed he thought "Ah man, this is way more harder without my father telling me what to do...well I ain't retuning home and if my brother will come after me then I need to protect myself somehow. Better get back training."

Yosuke stretched his back a bit then he closed his eyes as he placed his hands together. He though about a thunderstorm he was always loving to watch, each lightning suddenly appearing over the town just for a second then disappearing just as fast as it appeared. He needed to focus his energy hard enough to create a lightning though to last no more than a second. Inhaling slowly he scrubbed his hands then waved his arms left and right, a lightning was send forward and it hit the wall before him, letting a black dot on the wall and smoke raising from the dot towards the ceiling. It was quite loud and surely the boy attracted some attention over him now but he didn't really cared, if he was going to be found he was going to run. A bit shocked because of the sound he slapped softly his cheeks then shook his head, he was making some progress but it seems he needed another place to train else he was going to burn his room down and the entire building if he was going to lose control. He raised on his feet and went to the only window opened then jumped over it and landed on a dark alley. He decided to walk into the forest, somewhere quite isolated so nobody would find him training. He decided to train the same technique though this time he wasn't going to have the same stance.

The boy spread his feet shoulder width as he bend his knees a little, stretched his left arm forward as he was holding the left forearm with the right hand. He inhaled quickly then focused his energy into his left hand thus sending a lightning forward again, the lightning jolted four meters forward then it disappeared, the range was quite impressive though Yosuke was a bit afraid that the lightning wasn't quite as strong as it should be, he tried that on a tree though he barely made a black dot on it and nothing more. He was well aware of the fact that he was a weak person, though he wasn't going to train his body for now since his spells were obviously doing more damage than his physical hits. The boy decided to go home for now, he was feeling a bit exhausted and he needed to rest.

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Re: Yosuke's Training

Post by Itazuki on January 6th 2016, 4:48 pm

Your word length was 507. I will be awarding you 1 point for that; good work. You can reply down in here, if you wish to continue training however.


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