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Ryoichi Ayugai

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Ryoichi Ayugai

Post by Ryoichi on January 3rd 2016, 3:27 am

Nickname: Ryo
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 14 February
Eye Color: Light Blue
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 75kg
Rank: B-rank
Guild: Shattered Sanctity
Goal: To become one of the fastest mage alive

On Ryoichis Teen-ager days, he appeared to be straight standing friendly and happy looking 1,67 Meters long young man, with quite a bright skin color and short blonde hair which reached to about his half of neck length, but the bangs of his hair covered almost half of his face, which lead Ryoichi to adjust his hair quite often so it wouldn't be in his eyes. He has light blue eyes which can even be a little bit sad looking from time to time, and slightly thick eye-brows over the eyes. His nose was normal sized, slightly tiny mouth which was smiling when he was in mood to smile. His face is head is oval, more angular. Ryoichi's body structure was slightly muscular back then, not too muscular for his age though. He was missing a Guild mark on his body, because he wasn't in any Guild, enjoying to travel around alone even for his young age. He had quite immatured voice back then, but it wasn't high pitched like some might've had when they hit puberty. Ryoichi's warderobe is quite colorless, means he mostly was wearing darker looking clothes. He was wearing blackish-grayish shirt which had long sleeves, reached to his wrists lenght and darker blue pants with also blackish-grayish shoes.
Throughout years, Ryoichi's age of course changed, and so did change his appereance quite alot. Years had made him quite a manly looking young man. Now he is 21 years old grown up man. Throughout years, his blonde hair had grown out quite a lot. When it at first reached to about his upper neck part, it now reaches to his upper back part. The bangs of hair doesn't cover his face anymore, but now, two longer part of bangs run down from the side of his head to his shoulders. His face is clear from any sort of scars, but throughout years, he has created a pair of tattoo's under his eyes, which resamble like Dragon Claws, and they are in darker green color. The tone of his voice has also become manly because he has already passed from his puperty.
Years of hard work have also changed the structure of his body. Without shirt, his manly muscular body could be seen with abs on his lower upper body part. His height has changed alot also, from small 1.67 meters, he has grown to 1.80 meters long with 7 years. His bare walk would differentiate him from other's and he would be easy to be recognized even in a large crowd. He still hasn't stepped into any guild, which leads him not have any Guild mark on his body. Warderobe of his hadn't changed almost at all. He keeps on wearing darker looking clothes. He wears darker looking vest, which is open infront, revealing most of his upper body. The vest itself doesn't sleeves, but Ryoichi wears sleeve looking clothes around his arm, which covers almost most of his arms, but leaving upper arm revealed. He wears same toned dark pants, but on the lower leg, we has bandages over his legs, from his spit of leg until the ankels, wearing sandals which cover almost his full feet, leaving only toes to be seen.

Ryoichi appears to be silent type of figure, yet when it comes to talking, he appears to be quite social and friendly, but as he travels around mostly and alone, he doesn't happen to talk a lot with others except when he stops in some village. He doesn't belong into any Guild, because when being in one, he's suppose to stick near it most of the times, but as he enjoys nature alot, he has decided to stay out of Guilds, but he has thought about Joining one many times. He's quite a laid back figure, not enjoying getting into fights much, but when ever he gets into one, he fights with his might. He's also willing to help others who have good intentions in this world, but he dislikes helping cruel idead people, who have bad intentions in this world. While traveling, he forgets all about his own past, what has happened to him, same is with training. It feels like he goes straight into his own other world, where are no problems, or no problematic past. He likes to keep about his past life to himself though and not talk about it around. He even sometimes gets angry when people are trying to get into his past lives, and try to find out what has happened to him. Leaving about his past behind, that's not the only thing that make him angry. Seeing that good people around him suffer is something that make him even more angrier, but does his anger make him stronger also? His anger says in his mind to protect all those good people with all he got. He doesn't have many friends, but when he stops by in villages, he even has made some in his life. He tries to be reliable to closest people of his. His maturing throughout years have helped him a lot on such things, which have made him become more reliable to others.

Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法 Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō): Lightning Magic is a branch of Elemental Magic that utilizes electricity, but more specifically, lightning, as a form of offense and defense. Mages who possess the ability to utilize such Magic are able to generate these elements from their bodies, and manipulate them. Through out years, Ryoichi has trained his usage in Lightning Magic using and
still does. It appears to be his main Magical Element he uses, or maybe his only one? Either way even if he knows any other, he uses Lightning magic as his Main Magic.

Few styles of spells:

Lightning Body: Through the use of Lightning Magic, Ryoichi is capable of transforming his own body into electricity, turning himself into a lightning bolt, whose size can vary from mere, fast-moving sparks to large pillars of lightning.
Raging Bolt: Raising the hand, a ball of lightning is formed by Ryoichi thanks to the Lightning magic, the size of it deppends on the magic power he places in it, in a very large size it can be very destructive.
Lightning Bullets: By raising both of his hands up, Ryoichi forms a barrage of bullets of lightning towards the opponent or some other direction. The size of them and ammount deppends on the magic that it has placed into it.
Lightning Fists: Ryoichi forms lightning around his fists to raise the destructive power of his punches and also sometimes kicks while fightning hand to hand.
Lightning Wheel: Not requiering much magic is what it seems to be first, but that is just a some sort of trap. Ryoichi moves a slightly sparking fist towards the ground but then suddenly, the earth cracks and a wheel like shape of lightning is formed and moves towards the opponent to catch him or her with a surprise attack. Ryoichi considers this attack as one of his strogest.
Death from Above: As the name says, it's a sudden flash of lightning which rains down at a specific target, causing him or her to gain quite a great damage. Ryoichi is able to use it, but being able to preform it, he needs to concentrate for a short amount of time while the ones who may be tons of stronger and have mastered it can use it almost right a way.

Hand-To-Hand Combat: Users of Hand-to-Hand Combat engage into melee confrontations employing unarmed moves. A variety of such moves has been shown, with the most recurring ones being different types of punches and kicks, headbutts, elbows, knees and palm strikes are also used to various extent. Ryochi was taught the two styles below in their basic forms by his mentor Sakagi who also
taught him the arts of Lightning Magic, the hand to hand combat was taught when he reached his teenage days.


The Peek-a-boo: A style allows the fighter to maintain a low center of gravity whilst using their elbows to block their stomach area and both fists to cover the chin. Offensively it is limited at further distances since the fighter would squarely face the opponent, giving them less rotation for punches such as a right straight. With this style, Ryoichi only uses his fists to fight. He may enchant the punches with lightning to make them faster and stronger
The Mix: A simple name that lives up to its meaning. "The mix" as Ryoichi likes to call it, is a simple combination of different styles of hand to hand combat. Kicks, punches, wrestling, headbutts and so on. This aswell can be enchanted with Lightning by Ryoichi to increase the power of the attacks.Pic Not Found

Magic Power: Ryoichi's magic power is considered rather immense (A-rank) which ranks as one of the strongest in guild. He can manifests itself in the form of yellow electricity. This can appear from his body in various amounts, from simple sparks, when he wants to intimidate opponents or some other cases. The burst of lightning can
damage the ground he stands on or even destroy something else which is around him.

Durability: Ryoichi demonstrated quite durability (B-rank), able to survive quite strong attacks without getting too massive damage, the only exceptions are the attacks caused by mages far more stronger from him, which is when his great durable body may let him down for now.

Speed: Ryoichi has mainly been training in increasing his speed along with magic power and durability. Having a good speed which Ryoichi already has (B-rank) helps him alot in moving around fast without his lightning body form and it also helps him out alot in close ranged fist fights, being able to throw punches alot faster.

Strenght: Mainly he has been training his speed and everything else rather than his strenght, but that doesn't mean his strenght is that weak. His strenght is something that no avarege human being has. (B-rank)

To be Achieved:

Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic (雷の滅竜魔法 Kaminari no Metsuryū Mahō): A form of Dragon Slayer Magic which gives Ryoichi the power and characteristics of a Lightning Dragon along with a Dragon Slayer's signature ability to eat external sources of his element to heal himself and regain power, thus making him immune to lightning. Because of that, he has gained motion sickness.
Giant (巨人, ジヤイアント, Jiyaianto): is a Caster Magic which when activated, this Magic allows the user to enlarge their body to gigantic proportions, increasing strenght and durability.

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Re: Ryoichi Ayugai

Post by Itazuki on January 3rd 2016, 3:41 am

Wesaam wrote:Approved.

Itazuki wrote:Locking this topic. If you need to post an update, follow the template given in the character update request and post your update there.

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