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Shisei Sasaki

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Shisei Sasaki

Post by Shisei on January 2nd 2016, 5:41 pm



"One who relies overly on a single skill
        will be bought low by that very same skill."
Basic Information
Full Name:Shisei Sasaki
Rank:Semi A-Rank
Magic:Lightning Element
Affiliations:Shattered Sanctity
"You can either look at things in a brutal,
        truthful way that's depressing,
       or you can screw around and have fun."


After leaving Shattered Sanctity, Shisei knew he had to change the way he looked, not wanting to be recognized as a wizard from that guild. He had permanently dyed his hair jet black, this still dangling over his cyan eyes. His body muscle having grown a little from training and all the missions he has done with guild. Shisei has the tattoo of his previous guild on his shoulder, though is surrounded by other tattoos as well, making it difficult to distinguish. He has many scars across his body, mainly on his arms and back, the reason behind these scars are unknown.

       He not wears a black mask over his mouth most of the time, with a black scarf over his neck which would dangle behind him most of the time. He wears a black vest, showing his muscle through it. His shoulders would be exposed, showing his tattoos on them, though his forearms around be covered by long fingerless gloves.

       When doing missions, or if he needs to hide his identity he wears a special mask that he had found in a pawn shop in some of the shops he had visited while in Crocus. He keeps it on him at all times, when and if he needs to wear it.



       On most missions, if not all, Shisei would be carrying a number of pieces of equipment on him in case he needs them during a battle or to examine things.


       Knives - Shisei would carry knives on him at all time, mainly on his belt. He keeps these there in case he needs them during a battle or to open something.

       Vials - Shisei carries around vials on him, in case he needs to collect any kind of liquid for examining later on.

Shisei is been a mix between a introvert and a extrovert, he changes mood quickly depending on the situation. He is interested in his own physical and mental training, where he will be seen reading up on the history of different places, to further his understanding of the world.

       During fights Shisei has to hold himself back as his sadistic tendencies take over when he sees blood when fighting, but even with this he wouldn't be easily provoked. Once a fight is over he would generally leave, to calm himself down, not wanting to go overboard where he does not need to.

       Shisei generally will be nice to people if they are nice back, sometimes not understanding some types of social cues as others do, sometimes taking jokes to be literal or threats. He can also be very sarcastic towards others, though this is when he is joking around with his friends.

       He does not have any interests in Light or Dark, dependent on what he needs he will join either side. He hasn't had any experience of the dark side so far, only being able to imagine what kind of thing they would do, though while being in the light guild Shattered Sanctity he saw the guild master do things that he expected from a dark guild master.

       Malphas is the demon that resides in Shisei, having befriended the person whose body he has been trapped in. He has no rush to leave the body or motives to kill Shisei. He simply wants to work with the human as he has grown to like him over the years that he has been stuck inside his body.

       Malphas has a comedic approach to fighting, he enjoys fighting, sharing his sadistic tendencies with Shisei, except he doesn't hide it and openly admits it. He loves to talk, even while fighting and sometimes try to get the people he is fighting to fight among themselves.

       He is quite a fun person to talk to as he likes to talk in riddles or little poems, just to confuse the person he is talking to. He is more of an extrovert in comparison to Shisei, though still knows his boundaries and when not to speak, hiding in the shadows so he doesn't get noticed.

       Malphas shares Shisei's views, not caring about Light or Dark, Good or Bad, he simply does what he wants just for the fun of it. He will help someone if he feels like it and he will help the villains if he really wants to. Malphas is very unpredictable in what side he will take in a fight, not eve caring if it benefits him in any way.



  • Strategist - Shisei's brain works logically, using everything he knows to come up with a strategy for everything he does. He is known to be very good at getting out of trouble and to be to form a battle plan quickly and on the spot.

  • Emotionless - Most of the time he will be seen to be expressing no emotion on the outside, remaining calm and collected for when he is needed. He keeps his feelings to himself and will not share them unless he full trusts the person.

  • Sadistic - Due to Shisei's past, he has a sadistic tendencies, this being brought on mainly when he sees blood on himself or on anyone else. He is able to control it when he really needs to but most of the time he will just let himself have fun for a while.

  • Sarcastic - Shisei will not stay quiet if he wants to question something he does not like, generally he does this in a sarcastic manner.

  • Suspicious - Nothing ever seems to be right with Shisei, always being someone who you have to figure out. If he is being nice to someone, why? He is someone you always end up questioning.

  • Multiple Personalities- Upon awakening some of his take-over power, Shisei found that he had a voice in his head, this voice had its own personality. He somehow didn't fully absorb the demon, instead merging with it at a young age. He found out that it's name was Malphas, allowing him to control his body now and again.


Skills and Abilities

Magical Abilites:

       Lightning Magic - Shisei learnt basic Lightning magic from his father, to defend himself. As Shisei practiced the magic more he taught himself some offensive spells as well, developing some of them himself and some to get himself out of a sticky situation.

Lightning Spells Known::


  • Lightning Wall - This spell creates a circular wall around Shisei or a group of people, this creates an electrified wall, which will damage anyone who tries to attack it as well as stop or slow down projectile spells or weapons. This stays up as long as Shisei concentrates on the wall, if something distracts him then the wall will weaken or break.

  • Lightning Body - This causes Shisei's body to become electrified, enhancing his speed, agility and adding electrical damage to his martial hits. Shisei must keep concentration or the lightning will begin damaging him as well or will dissipate.

  • Electric Blade - This creates a floating blade which can be manipulated to attack at a distance and close range, due to Shisei's power he can conjure many electric blades, being able to control them subconsciously dependent on how many he uses.

  • Lightning Strike - This sends up to multiple strikes of lightning, this can all hit in one place or multiple different places.

  • Lightning Wave - Shisei sends out waves of electrical energy to cover a large area, this can be in the form of a hand wave which creates a electrical wave which expands, one large area wave which can be omnidirctional or punches that cause small waves to form from them increasing their power.


       Take Over - Since birth Shisei has been gifted with the ability to use Take Over, this type of magic allows him to take over the powers and appearances of creatures he has taken over. His powers had to be awakened through a ritual having been locked away.

  • Satan Soul - This spell allows Shisei to take over the apearance, abilities and powers of a demonic being. When activated Shisei's body will glow a midnight blue colour until he is completely enveloped by the light, as he reappears his form and abilities would have changed.

  • Satan Soul: Malphas - This being Shisei’s only demonic transformations. The demon is armored with metal plating over his upper body, having metal claws on his hands to use as weapons. Off his armor it has trendril like plating coming off them, wiht jagged points at the end of them. His skin goes very dark, with horns sprouting of the sides of his head. His hair is dark purple and black in colour and has glowing white eyes. His armor glows red with power emanating from him.

    Malphas Appearance:


    Malphas Abilities:


    • Immense Strength - This form, Malphas, has amazing strength that he could easily break through stone with ease.

    • Immense Speed - Malphas is able to move faster than the other demons, making it seem as if he is almost teleporting when moving

    • Enhanced Durability - In this form his ability to take hits is heightened, being able to take some of the most strongest spells without flinching.

    • Flight - In this form Malphas is able to fly freely, though not having wings he uses his sheer power to allow him to fly.

    • Thought Projection - Using this to confuse his opponents or to make them think there are more of him, to bring down their moral or to make them like they want to give up.

    • Darkness Magic - Malphas uses then when not being able to get close to his opponents, using it as long ranged attacks, though still just as devastating as his melee attacks.

      Darkness Spells Known:


      • Darkness Cage -This causes dark tendrils to grab an enemy and trap them amongst the mass amount of them.

      • Demon Blast - A large sphere of dark energy collects at Malphas hands and then fired at the target as a beam.

      • Dark Deflect - By focusing on an incoming attack with their eye or from their palm, the user is able to redirect all incoming attacks, causing them to miss.

      • Soul Extinction - The spell begins as Malphas would focus his magical power into a point in between his hands, this being a spiraling vortex of dark energy. When released, it becomes a giant blast of dark energy, covering a vast area in front of Malphas.



To Be Unlocked:

       Runic Magic - Shisei is able to use simple runes to create defenses around an area, to create traps and to change enemy runes to his advantage.

       Air Magic - Using this to sneak or for more long ranged attacks.
Air Magic Spells:


  • Dark Mist - Shisei transforms his body into mist allowing him to move freely at high speed and also to teleport. While in this state physical and magical attacks do not affect him.
  • Aerial shot - This causes the air around the area to break into the rocks and force them to shoot at the target.


       Requip Magic: Generic - Shisei uses this to requip and ex-quip his scythe, chain kama and knives, having learnt this magic so that he does not need to carry around the equipment with him all the time.

       Illusion Magic - Shisei generally uses this magic to create images of himself or other people to confuse the enemy. He also uses this to sneak past them or attack one of their own comrades.

Illusion Spells:


  • Nightmares Hell - This creates an area illusion, the images seen would be different for different people as each person would see something that they fear.
  • Clone Image - This creates an identical figure of the user or another person, which will speak in the same way as the person it is copying. The actions are controlled by the user.
  • Transformation - This spell causes a person or an image to become something or someone else. This can be used to confuse the enemy or to make them attack their own people.



       Lightning Devil Slayer - After learning of Satan soul, Shisei wanted to develop his lightning magic to a point where he could do immense amount of damage to demons such as the ones he can turn into, if it ever came to it.
Lightning Devil Slayer Spells:


  • Lightning Devil's Rage - The Devil Slayer's equivalent to the Dragon Slayer's Roar and God Slayer's Bellow spells. Shisei, after inhaling, releases a large purple electric storm to an area of their choosing.
  • Devils Pentagram - While in Lightning body form, Shisei would draw a pentagram in the ground which will then suddenly shoot up in an electric barrage from the ground.
  • Raiju's Fang - This creates electric embodiments of hell hounds which will attack the enemy, being able to disappear and reappear suddenly as if they were teleporting.


Special Skills:
       Immense Speed - Through training in his body, Shisei has been able to channel his magic into his legs specifically to allow his speed to increase.

       Enhanced Endurance - After training on and on in the different environments and conditions, changing them to push his body to the limit, Shisei has been able to endure as he trained. Being able to constantly use magic more now than he could before with lesser fatigue as he uses it.

       Enhanced Durability - He has been hit and bashed around, learning to stand his ground in the face of danger. His body has been trained to be resilient when attacked, allowing him to think while being hit.

       Enhanced Strength - From his practice with martial arts and use of his smaller weapons, he has built up power in his arms and legs, allowing him to do more damage than he was able to before.

       Enhanced Reflexes - Through training, Shisei developed his mind and body to be able to react quicker to attacks being thrown at him, to counter-attack faster, using his lightning magic to help his speed as well.

       Immense Magical Power - Constantly practicing his magic and using it in battle has allowed him to develop a better magical pool, being able to use more magic and feel less fatigued by it.

       Martial Arts - At a young age Shisei was taught basic martial arts by his father for where and when he would need it. This was developed by Shisei himself during his travels.

       Keen Intellect - Ever since Shisei left his home as a child, he always wanted to learn about new thing, anything he can find out about himself, the world or magic he will be willing to learn from anything or anyone.



       Much of Shisei's past is unknown, all that is known of him is that he has been travelling for a long time.
       Chapter 1: __
Shisei was not an only child he had two brothers who were almost identical, born on same day, looked almost the same, had the same magical talents and fighting ability. When they were born their parents had trouble to pay for the cost of living, having to work more than usual, they were both skilled wizards who worked in a nearby guild. The three of them were brought up as most other children did, having to go to school, learning magic from their parents, learning basic fighting and having fun. After 11 good years of their life had passed one job had brought it all crumbling down. The attack was by an unknown person, but Shisei’s parents and brothers were all killing in front of him, this all had caused a part of Shisei’s brain to tick and created a sadistic side personality, triggered by the sight blood. After the tragic event Shisei knew he couldn’t stay where he was, the guild refusing to help him and having no other relatives, he was left by himself. He gathered all the equipment he could, taking as much money he could from his parents.  Before leaving his home Shisei had wanted a part of his parents and siblings to keep with him, cutting some of a finger off each of them to take with him, engraving their names into each of them.

       Chapter 2: __
After a year of travelling around multiple towns and villages, working there and staying in multiple inns, he had been offered help many times, though turned them down. Shisei finally found a small quiet village where he knew he could stay and learn some of the basic skills he needed from the school there. He stayed in this village for several years, having found a job and studying in a nearby village. Here it was where he found the first people he had gotten to know, though he had learnt to keep temporary attachments to people, due to all the travelling he did. He used these people he met for free food, finding work and knowledge where he could get it.

       Chapter 3: __
Once he had gathered what he needed he went off to travel once again, as he did this he found his fondness for books to grow, enjoying the information he could find in them. As he travelled he learnt to control his magic more and more as well as learn to fight, having to protect himself from animals and petty bandits on a few occasions whilst travelling. He had travelled a few years, looking for a guild which had the resources that he required, the knowledge he wanted to learn and talented mages.

       Chapter 4: Shattered Sanctity

       Upon arriving into the great city of Crocus, Shisei explored to get a feeling for the place. At the same time, the Shattered Sanctity Guild Master was walking around the eastern streets looking for mages to recruit into his new Guild. Shisei was sitting on a bench, resting as he read his book, until he was interrupted by a man's voice. The man was questioning him, to see if he could get information about possible mages. Shisei forced the man to introduce himself before he would speak to him, having only just entered the city, he did not know of anyone here. The man introduced himself as the Guild Master of Shattered Sanctity: Itazuki, who then went on to offering to show Shisei around the town, understanding that he was new. Shisei reluctantly agreed to this, knowing it would be better than getting lost in the city, though kept his identity secret for now, until Itazuki proved he was who he said he was.

       Once reaching the guild, Shisei understood this was proof enough, explaining to Itazuki that he was a mage, which caught the attention of the Guild Master. Itazuki insisted on showing him around at this point, excited that he may be able to recruit someone finally. Shisei examined the hall, impressed at the size of it, though this was not what he was interested in, asking to see the book collection they had. Itazuki, understanding what Shisei wanted to see, taking him to the basement of the building. Showing him the large collection he has got of books, this sparking Shisei's interest in joining the Guild further.

       Itazuki finally asked Shisei what kind of magic he was able to use, to which Shisei replied that he could use Lightning Magic since it was the first magic he had learnt, he then returned the question to Itazuki. Itazuki told him that he could use Nullifying and Earth magic, but then said that he was also a Dragon Slayer, this cause Shisei's interest as he began questioning Itazuki on it, as well as asking to see an example of the power as he had just believed it to be a myth. Once seeing the magic for himself, Shisei immediately agreed to joining the guild. Once hearing this, Itazuki took Shisei to his office where he put the Guild insignia on his right hand.


       Chapter 5: The First S-Rank

       After a riot of townsmen had come to the guild complaining about the lack of work the mages had down, Itazuki agreed to taking the job. He was going to be going by himself but the rest of the guild, except Wesaam, agreed to go with him. Shisei saw this as a chance to see the Light Dragon Slayer's real power first hand, though did not plan to get too involved with the fight that would occur.

       As they approached the location of the dark guild that they had to eliminate from the city. The guild having denied this job for a while had left the dark ones at large, causing devastation to the surrounding forest and town. They arrived at a large forest which had been burnt down. They planned outside the forest, though as Shisei presented his plans, they got rejected due to Itazuki's incompetence, lowering his expectations of Itazuki. After making a plan which basically allows Micheal and Itazuki to attack, they entered the forest.

       Shisei obviously being annoyed by the plan that they had come up with, continued to read his book that he brought with him. He didn't care about the outcome of the fight that was about to occur. Itazuki placed down Nullification traps on the ground outside the guild. This did not work as they were attacked immediately by the guild master and his 4 other guild members.

       As the fight went on, Shisei's view of Itazuki's power lowered, disappointing him greatly. When they thought they were in a pinch, Wesaam came from no where and helped out the group, taking out two of the guild members, leaving the other three shaken. Itazuki finally showed some more of his power as he used a breath attack which left the guild building completely disintegrated.

       The fight was over when Itazuki used his dragon roar on the bleeding Guild Master, though only for a moment, Shisei's sadistic side ticked. He went into full lightning body mode and went for one of the guild members, stabbing his eyes and causing him to die. As he did this, Itazuki stopped him, Shisei not knowing any better was about to turn on Itazuki and attack, this was stopped as he regained control.


       Chapter 6: First in, First Out
After being in the guild for half a year, with many things happening in between, having gone on many missions with his guild mates, training with them and getting to know them, Shisei had finally decided to leave the guild. There had been many reasons for leaving, a big problem being his mental issues as well as the fact he had run out of things he could get from the guild.

       After deciding to leave, Shisei confronted Itazuki, knowing he wasn't going to take the news lightly. He had told Itazuki the reason for leaving that would get him angry, not wanting them to worry or care about his mental problems. His plan worked, being banned from the guild, having told him that he did not care about his comrades and was bored with them.

       Shisei had left a note with his landlord to give to the guild to explain the full reason why he had left, feeling bad that he had to leave on such bad terms. He had left his usual clothes behind, getting his hair permanently dyed black and also getting new clothes and other tattoos where his guild mark was so that people would not recognize him for who he used to be, adopting the alias: Malphas.




       Books Read
       This is a list of book titles that Shisei has read, in case he ever needs to reference them during rp.


       "The Dance Of Dragons"
       "Elemental Magics"
       "The Beginnings"
       "Dragon Slayers: Myths"
       "Raiju of the Sky"
       "Demons and Devils"
       "Beyond the Gods"
       "Runic Guardians"
       "Dark Dreams"
       "Black Magic"
       "The Gods, The Children"
       "The Black Pendant"
       "Night Rises"
       "Data Store Magic"
       "Movement from the Darkness"
       "Giants Among Us"
       "Movement Magic"
       "Gods and Demons"
       "Power of Five"
       "Lightning Element"
       "Bring Forth The Horror"
       "Hell's Army"
       "Lacrima: Uses and Dangers"
       "Sixth Sense"
       "Atmospheric and Gravity Magic"
       "Lords of Magic"
       "Crocus History"
       "Angels and Demons"
       "Fiore Strongest Wizards"
       "Heroes Die"
       "Good Omens"
       "A Storm of Swords"
       "Promise of Blood"
       "The Knight Angel"
       "Night Circus"
       "Death's Rebirth"
       "Assassin's Apprentice"
       "Night Angel"
       "Promise of Blood"
       "The Painted Man"
       "Requip Magic"





       Jobs Done
       This is the range of Jobs names and ranks that Shisei has done since joining any of the guild.


"Arm Wrestling"
       "Who's The Fastest"
       "Wanted: Jacob Nights"
       "Find My Son!"
       "Hiking Help"


"Bandits On the Loose"
       "Bring Back the Music


"Mysterious Relic"
       "Friend or Foe"
       "Clash of Guilds"




"Darkened Conversion"
       "The Dark Invasion"




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Re: Shisei Sasaki

Post by Wesaam on January 2nd 2016, 9:16 pm

Approved. But Satan Soul should be bought by points like any other magic from the magic shop, but you are free to keep it as "To be unlocked" for now.

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Re: Shisei Sasaki

Post by Itazuki on January 3rd 2016, 12:49 am

Locking this topic. If you need to post an update, follow the template given in the character update request and post your update there.

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Re: Shisei Sasaki

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