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The Land of Fiore.

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The Land of Fiore.

Post by Itazuki on March 12th 2015, 9:45 pm

The Land of Fiore

There are a couple of sections for this land. The four ways, north, south, east and west paths. There will be a couple of buildings in the northeast and southwest zones aswell. First off, Fiore is located on the westernmost peninsula. It is surrounded on three sides by ocean. Fiore is the largest country known, and it is known for producing several outclassed mages which have even joined the infamous administration magic council. Now for its cities;

Cities and Towns:

  1. Crocus:The largest city of Fiore. It is widely populated and contains various types of trades with other minor cities. Crocus is also known as the city of magic council as the main head-quarters of the administration magic council, resides in crocus. Crocus is a huge city and is located at the center of Fiore adjacent to turanbu, coilum and liprush. It covers the whole northern part of Fiore.

  2. Turanbu: Turanbu currently has a great deal of finanial crisis. A huge part of its economy dropped down recently and is situated on the eastern path of the whole Fiore. Poor people usually reside their since the houses located there are cheap.

  3. Coilum: Coilum is the only part with a huge financial business in Fiore. Even Crocus doesn't match its financial basis.The expense is usually touching the roofs because the economy of Coilum is very strong. Low amount of mages are found in Coilum and is situated to just southern part of Fiore.

  4. Liprush: As the name states (rush), Liprush is a very watery area. It contains trades with many and many cities and countries and is known as the leaving city of Fiore. Many mages come here to rest as its a great vacation trip city with beaches and other sorts of fun stuff resting within it. it covers the western path of Fiore.

Major Buildings:

  1. Magic Council HQ: It is located at the center of the main city, crocus. People go there for many matters, like court appeals, fights, getting divorce, etc. The Magic council is also responsible for the good-will of the city. As such, any mage posing a threat to Fiore will have to go through the magic council in order to successfully cause an harm to Fiore.

  2. Laboratory:Located on the eastern path of the Fiore. It has several dome shaped things on its building, which are colored red and blue. The building is not hard to locate as it covers a large area. It is only laboratory located in Fiore.

  3. Medical centers: There are almost in every town and city. Located on every corner, excluding the small and tight streets. Some are clinics but may come in handy. The biggest center is located right next o the Magic Council HQ in crocus.

NOTE:Only the city of crocus is enabled, so you cannot travel to any other city as of now. In time, they will be unlocked as well, but in time.

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